Su Xi-er stopped in her tracks, an image of Chao Mu’s face appearing in her mind as she looked at the palace maid. This palace maid had purposely pinched Chao Mu’s leg just so that she would make me fall down.


Su Xi-er’s eyes darkened at the memory, the suddenly frigid atmosphere weighing down on the nearby palace maids until they felt like they were suffocating.


The palace maid on the receiving end of this trembled under Su Xi-er’s glare, finally prostrating on the ground. “Miss Xi-er, this servant was in the wrong. Please be magnanimous and let this servant off.”


“I am just a woman, not a gentleman. I am not magnanimous.” Su Xi-er signalled at Wu Ling with her eyes before walking forward.


Despite not knowing how the palace maid before them had offended Su Xi-er, Wu Ling believed that the former’s character would never allow her to hand out punishments unless it was a severe offence.


Hence, he waved his hand to instruct the guards in the palace. “Drag this palace maid out and give her 15 beatings of the plank.”


For a young girl to receive 15 beatings of the plank was tantamount to robbing her of half her life. She sank to the ground in shock, and only returned to her senses once someone began to drag her away. She loudly shouted, “Please forgive this servant! This servant won’t dare to do it again!”


Her endless blood-curdling shrieks entered the ears of the other palace maids, causing their hearts to quake in terror. Su Xi-er’s aura has changed dramatically now that she is going to become Princess Consort Hao. We have to be sure to show her respect in the future.


Just as Su Xi-er was about to reach the Imperial Library, Wu Ling came over to report, “The palace maid has already received her punishment. However, may I ask why you decided to do so?”


“She offended Chao Mu.” She spoke softly, gazing into the distance as if reminiscing.


Wu Ling watched her as she walked away. Chao Mu was a pitiful woman; her life cut short just like that. Despite that, she can also be considered fortunate; she was allowed to live a contented life as she wished, unshackled by the worries of the world.


In the Imperial Library, Ruo Yuan was supporting a stool in one hand while holding a length of red silk in the other. Meanwhile, Hong Li was standing on the stool and hanging the red silk on the eaves.


All the eaves, trees, and even the courtyard door had to be decorated with red silk before the sun set, otherwise it would be inauspicious.


“Hong Li, it’s slanted! Move it more to the left!” Ruo Yuan raised her head and blinked her eyes.


Hong Li did as she was told. “Ruo Yuan, is this right?”


However, the only response she received was silence. Confused, Hong Li turned to look at Ruo Yuan, only to see the latter dazedly staring in another direction. Just as she was about to ask what the matter was, Hong Li felt the stool sway under her as Ruo Yuan’s hand shook. 


“Ah…” The sudden loss of balance had Hong Li falling towards the floor. Just as she was about to hit the ground, her scream echoed through the hall.


A moment later, she felt a large hand on her back, helping her up.


After Hong Li managed to stand properly, she realised that Wu Ling’s hand was still on her waist. She pushed him away in shock, but her excessive strength took Wu Ling by surprise.


Now on the other side of the coin, Wu Ling was falling towards Ruo Yuan. Without any hesitation, Ruo Yuan reached out her hand to support Wu Ling by the waist, just as the latter had done with Hong Li.


It had only taken an instant, but the awkward scene in front of her had Su Xi-er stifling a laugh.


“Commander Wu, are you alright?” Ruo Yuan calmed down her wildly beating heart as she asked in concern.

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