Su Xi-er immediately knew what book he was referring to. He has been very engrossed in it recently. She immediately showed an awkward expression.


“This Prince has realised that you will become bashful as soon as I mention the medical book.” Glancing at the woman in his arms, the corners of his mouth curled up and his eyes lit up.


“If I’m not embarrassed, wouldn’t that mean that I’m as shameless as you?” Su Xi-er glared at him before swiftly walking away, clearly not wanting to discuss this anymore.


Perhaps he’s very interested in studying this subject, seeing as how what he says makes a lot of sense. However, I can’t help but become embarrassed whenever he brings it up.


“Lovemaking between husband and wife is very normal. How can you say that it’s shameless?” Pei Qianhao countered before letting out a soft chuckle. “The medical book states that the technique and amount of force used is imperative. You will learn to appreciate this Prince’s shamelessness when you get used to it.”


Su Xi-er really felt like covering his mouth. The things he says are getting more and more shameless! Where has his high and mighty disposition gone?


“So shy that you are speechless. Fine then, this Prince won’t mention it anymore.” Pei Qianhao pinched her cheek and embraced her more tightly, walking all the way to the Dragon Heaven Palace in this position.


Situ Lin was waiting in the courtyard when he saw the two of them walking over in one another’s embrace, and couldn’t help but flash a bright smile.


He had already dismissed the guards in the hall, and went up to greet the pair by himself as they arrived. “Imperial Uncle, Imperial Aunt, it’s getting cold. A heater filled with coal has been placed in the side hall so that it won’t be cold at night.”


Su Xi-er pushed Pei Qianhao away and looked at Situ Lin. “Many thanks, Your Majesty.”


“I’ll be upset if family tries to thank me. But enough of that; it’s windy outside, Imperial Uncle, you should bring Imperial Aunt inside.” Situ Lin reached out his hand as he smiled at Pei Qianhao.


Pei Qianhao nodded. “This Prince is happy that Your Majesty has learned to be more meticulous while handling matters. Grand Tutor Kong will be coming early tomorrow.”


Situ Lin’s expression cracked when he heard the last sentence. I have to study early tomorrow morning. Sigh. Imperial Uncle, you just have to worry about making Imperial Aunt happy and preparing for your wedding. Don’t keep staring at me!


”Your Majesty, you should return to your hall and rest.” Pei Qianhao sternly reminded.


Situ Lin didn’t dare to tarry, immediately rounding the corner and disappearing from their sight.


“It’s cold outside; let’s go in.” Pei Qianhao pulled Su Xi-er into his arms again.


Su Xi-er followed him into the inner chamber of the side hall, feeling the gentle warmth brush against her skin thanks to the heater that had been placed inside. Although Situ Lin is still young, he is attentive to details. Of course, he’s also very good at reading people and currying favour with others.


Over the course of the past few days, she had noticed that Situ Lin was very reliant on Pei Qianhao. As he didn’t have a father, the relationship he shared with Pei Qianhao was more of that between a father and a son rather than a sovereign and his subject. However, this ‘father’ was extremely strict. Even a cursory glance from Pei Qianhao was enough to frighten Situ Lin.


“Take off your clothes and get onto the bed.” Pei Qianhao began removing his own outer robes, setting them down on the clothes rack.


Su Xi-er also removed her clothes without being embarrassed, climbing onto the bed before Pei Qianhao could so that she could lie down on the inner side of it.

As she was lying in bed, she saw Pei Qianhao walking to the wardrobe, a blue-covered book appearing in his hand. He’s still studying late at night?!

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