“The Tan Family has lost its house and family members. If I leave, the rest of my family and Cui-er will face a fate worse than death.” Tan Ge slowly explained before starting to drink the red bean soup.


Su Xi-er scooped another spoonful for her again. “Tan Ge, your life in the future will change according to the paths you choose. I hope that you won’t lose yourself and forget about your conscience.”


Tan Ge was slightly stunned before she laughed. “Su Xi-er, I will definitely not lose my conscience.” I won’t kill innocent people ever again, but I will use another method to fight for status. Even if Xie Yun pushed me towards the abyss, I also learned how to conceal my intentions and guess at other people’s thoughts.


“Come, continue drinking.” Su Xi-er smiled as she fed Tan Ge spoon by spoon.


By the time the soup was finished, the sky outside was already getting dark, and the night breeze was getting stronger.


“Su Xi-er, you should quickly go and rest. You are going to be a bride soon; you can’t tire yourself out just because of me.” Her pale lips had turned rosy from the red bean soup, and her eyes seemed to be smiling.


It was only at this moment that her smile truly reached the depths of her eyes. She honestly wished for Su Xi-er to live well in the future. I don’t have a man like Prince Hao to protect me, but I will step onto a different path from now onwards.


Su Xi-er nodded, helping Tan Ge to lie back down before walking out of the room with the empty bowl in hand.


She had only taken a few steps when she spotted Ruo Yuan rushing over in an adorably flustered fashion. “Give me the bowl. Someone is looking for you. Quick!”


Ruo Yuan snatched the bowl over from Su Xi-er, and headed straight for the kitchen without any further explanation.


Watching Ruo Yuan’s retreating figure, Su Xi-er shook her head and faintly smiled. When she turned around again, she noticed Pei Qianhao.


So the ‘someone’ Ruo Yuan was referring to is Pei Qianhao. That lass is pretty bold. She isn’t even calling him ‘Prince Hao’ anymore.


“Come here.” Pei Qianhao waved his hand at Su Xi-er.


Su Xi-er obediently walked over, but he took her into his embrace before she had even reached him. His large robes covered her, and his voice was masked in displeasure as he spoke. “The days get dark earlier in winter. It’s already late. Do you like being in the cold wind outside?”


“It’s not cold at all. Your body is very warm.” Su Xi-er raised her head, a sly look in her eyes.


Pei Qianhao lightly knocked her forehead. “This Prince should be ruthless and let you freeze.”


“You won’t.” Su Xi-er confidently stated.


Pei Qianhao’s hand hooked around her waist. “Follow this Prince back to the Dragon Heaven Palace. You can come to the Imperial Library again tomorrow, and hang the red silk with the plump lass.”


He then pulled her along, tightening his grip on her waist in fear that she would be cold.


Su Xi-er stuck close to him. Is it painful for him to be walking about in the cold wind after just recovering from the arrow injury?  

She immediately rubbed against him, allowing them to share one another’s warmth.


“Just stick close and don’t rub against me.” Pei Qianhao’s gaze deepened. I should let her read the medical book too. Excessive rubbing will result in internal heat. This ignorant lass needs to be taught a lesson!


“Prince Hao, the plump girl has a name. She’s called Ruo Yuan, and the other girl is Hong Li.”


Pei Qianhao slightly furrowed his brow. “This Prince can’t remember.”


“Why not? You have read so many military books and memorised numerous military stratagems. Why can’t you even remember two names?”


“Why should this Prince remember the names of irrelevant women?” Pei Qianhao said in a matter-of-fact tone.


I can’t be bothered to remember the names of women unrelated to me.


Su XI-er decided to pinch his waist, but there was hardly any flab for her to pinch, causing her plan to actually be quite a chore.


“Don’t randomly pinch me. I should have let you read the medical book earlier.” Pei Qianhao touched her waist, planning to let his hand wander upwards in retaliation.

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