Su Xi-er waved her hand. “Many thanks for the reminder, Imperial Physician Zhao. We shall put a stop to this investigation for now.” It has now turned into a complicated web. We will deal with the Empress Dowager and Commandery Prince Xie one by one in the future. I won’t let Chao Mu’s death be in vain. “Miss Xi-er, Commander Wu also came by the Imperial Physician Institute to ask me questions. Since it seems that Prince Hao is also looking into Chao Mu’s death, I hope that you can relay this information to him.” Imperial Physician Zhao respectfully said. He was already treating Su Xi-er as Princess Consort Hao, not daring to forget his etiquette.


“Don’t worry, Imperial Physician Zhao; I will inform Prince Hao.”


“This humble subject will take my leave then.” Imperial Physician Zhao bowed and took out some medicine from his medical box, placing them on the table. “Simmer this medicine for Tan Ge. Her injury will be fine after drinking it.”


“Alright, thank you for your hard work, Imperial Physician Zhao.” Su Xi-er took the packet of medicine, preparing to head to the boiler room and hand it to the palace maid waiting upon Tan Ge.


Imperial Physician Zhao then turned to leave the main hall, heading out of the Imperial Library.


Before Su Xi-er reached the boiler room, she saw the palace maid walking out with a bowl of red bean soup. Aware of Su Xi-er’s status, she deferentially bowed and greeted, “Miss Xi-er.”


“How’s Tan Ge doing?”


The palace maid shook her head. “Her recovery isn’t going well. She’s feeling weak all over, and her complexion looks unhealthy. When I asked her today, she said that her wound still hurts. Her body was originally weak, so it’s already quite a feat for her to survive after getting shot by an arrow.”


“Simmer this medicine and prepare it for Tan Ge to drink tomorrow. I will bring the red bean soup to her.” Su Xi-er passed the packet of medicine to the palace maid with one hand, taking the bowl of red bean soup with the other.


The palace maid took the packet of medicine and went back inside the boiler room, leaving Su Xi-er to bring the bowl of red bean soup to Tan Ge’s room.


When Su Xi-er entered the room, Tan Ge was still awake. Thinking that it was the palace maid returning, Tan Ge said, “Just leave it there for now. I’m unable to drink it at the moment.”


“It’s cold outside, so it’d be better to drink it while it’s hot.”


Su Xi-er’s voice sent shivers down Tan Ge’s spine. She immediately supported herself against the bed, trying to get up.


“Don’t move, I’ll help you up.” Su Xi-er set the bowl down before going to help Tan Ge sit up.


“Why did you come back to the Imperial Library? It’s not safe here. What if someone tries to harm you again…” Tan Ge pursed her pallid lips as she looked at Su Xi-er in worry.


“Grand Tutor Kong doesn’t have an estate, so the Imperial Library is his home. As his goddaughter, I have to marry from the Imperial Library.” Su Xi-er properly tucked Tan Ge under the quilt before standing up and bringing the red bean soup over.


“Open your mouth.” Su Xi-er blew on the soup and fed it to Tan Ge.


Watching Su Xi-er’s earnest appearance, Tan Ge was slightly moved. Su Xi-er is so nice to me. Does she really not suspect me at all?


“Su Xi-er, what did Imperial Physician Zhao talk to you about?” Tan Ge softly asked.


“Chao Mu’s death,” Su Xi-er faintly replied.


A trace of agony emerged in Tan Ge’s eyes. “It’s all because of Commandery Prince Xie, but he’s so powerful. How can we make him pay for killing Chao Mu?”


“We’ll consider this matter over and done with. Tan Ge, you should leave the imperial palace, and flee to a faraway place. That way, you’ll be able to break free of Commandery Prince Xie.” Su Xi-er didn’t tell her that not pursuing Chao Mu’s death was only temporary.

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