There’s no way for me to leave the residence and inform Su Xi-er. Even if Su Xi-er escapes death on the day of the wedding, she will still meet with a calamity.




Meanwhile, Su Xi-er had arrived at the Imperial Library. Hong Li and Ruo Yuan had also come, having been assigned to bring red silk to decorate the Imperial Library.


As Grand Tutor Kong didn’t have an estate outside the palace, the Imperial Library was considered his house. Thus, as his goddaughter, Su Xi-er would be marrying from the Imperial Library.


The red silk had to be hung up on a bright and sunny day, but now that the sky was darkening, they could only decide to do it tomorrow.


Hong Li carefully stowed away the red silk in the wardrobe in Su Xi-er’s room.


When Su Xi-er realised that Ruo Yuan had been showing a foolish smile ever since they reached the Imperial Library, she couldn’t help but ask, “Ruo Yuan, what’s wrong? You have been wearing that foolish smile for a long time.”


“That’s because I’m happy.” Ruo Yuan laughed before winking at Su Xi-er. “Prince Hao instructed Hong Li and me to wait upon you after you become Princess Consort Hao.”


Su Xi-er knew that there were no maidservants in the Prince Hao Residence. According to the rules, she had to have maidservants accompanying her when she married. Rather than selecting new servants, Hong Li and Ruo Yuan were the best options.


However, she had never treated them as maidservants. She grabbed their hands and said, “All of us come from the Palace Side Quarters. You may still dispense with the formalities in front of me in the future.”


Ruo Yuan widened her eyes, her cheeks flushed red as she uncontrollably sobbed. “Su Xi-er, you are so nice. I have long seen you as a part of my family, but I will still be respectful to you in front of others once you become Princess Consort Hao.”


Hong Li nodded in agreement. “We can’t disregard the rules, but we can still act the same in private.” Hong Li felt her heart suffused with warmth. She had noticed the changes in herself ever since she decided to follow Su Xi-er. Despite initially doing so because she had her own agenda, Hong Li now went along with Su Xi-er purely because she wanted to. Her outlook had changed drastically, feeling as if she had returned to the person that she was before entering the palace.


“I’ll be staying in this room, so don’t wander around. Make sure you stay here while I go visit Tan Ge.” Su Xi-er walked out of the room.


Hong Li and Ruo Yuan knew who Tan Ge was. The maidservant who was responsible for sweeping in the Imperial Library. She also blocked an arrow for Su Xi-er. It seems like she’s a good person.


Just as Su Xi-er arrived outside of the door to Tan Ge’s room, she spotted Imperial Physician Zhao rushing over. “Imperial Physician Zhao, what are your findings?”  

“Miss Xi-er, please come to the side; I will explain in detail.” Imperial Physician Zhao wore a grave expression as he gestured for her to follow.


Su Xi-er nodded, heading to the main hall of the Imperial Library with him.


When Tan Ge happened to overhear their conversation, her hand that was holding the bowl of medicine shook. Did Imperial Physician Zhao discover something? Although I was the one who added the poison, Xie Yun was the one who gave it to me.


I have already come so far. There’s no way I can back out now. Tan Ge’s gaze deepened, and she raised her head to finish drinking the medicine.


“Are you feeling better?” The palace maid who was sent to serve Tan Ge softly asked.


“Yes, though my chest still hurts a little.”


“Not only are you a woman, you also suffered a blow from an arrow; it’s only expected that you would be in some pain. Do rest.” The palace maid helped Tan Ge lie down before she walked out of the room, closing the door behind her.




In the main hall of the Imperial Library, Su Xi-er’s eyebrows were slightly scrunched up after listening to what Imperial Physician Zhao had to say. “It's roughly the same as the poison that killed Old Maidservant Liu, but there’s something else added. More importantly, this matter is related to the Empress Dowager.”


Imperial Physician Zhao’s expression grew even more grave before he spoke again. “The Empress Dowager and Commandery Prince Xie are definitely related. The arrows that hit Tan Ge and Prince Hao were shot with similar techniques. Chao Mu’s death has brought many people into the picture.”

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