“Don’t worry, Su Xi-er won’t die.” Xie Yun stowed away his solemn expression as he closed the door behind him, raising a hand to caress his sister’s hair.


However, Xie Liuli suddenly took a step back, leaving Xie Yun’s hand awkwardly hanging in the air.


Stunned for a moment, he glanced at Xie Liuli again before sighing. “Liuli, be obedient.”


“Elder Brother, I’ll be obedient if you don’t fight for things that don’t belong to you.” Xie Liuli gazed at Xie Yun with a serious expression.


She had read numerous history books from the various countries, and had seen time and again that those who tried to seize power had never met with a good end. She didn’t want her beloved elder brother to go down the same wrong path and meet a tragic end.


If Elder Brother meets with misfortune, my whole world will collapse.


“Liuli, you have only met Su Xi-er a few times; how can you be so sure that she’s a good person? The world is perilous. How many times do you need me to say that?” Xie Yun couldn’t help but become stern.


It wasn’t until his gaze found its way to her bare forehead that she realised that something was missing. He immediately harshly chided her. “Where’s the pandora glass bead that you wear? It’s a memento from mum. How could you just throw it away?”


“I didn’t throw it away. I carefully placed it in a box.”


Xie Yun softened his tone. “Why did you suddenly put it away?”


Xie Liuli instantly became embarrassed as she muttered, “I want my future husband to put the pandora glass bead on for me.” At the mention of a husband, she couldn’t help but remember the tall man who saved her. Although he was clad in coarse clothes, he was a very good person.


She had discovered the toughness and strength of a man in him. He managed to defeat so many bad guys just by himself. He was a hero in her eyes, even if she didn’t know his name.


Xie Yun discerned his younger sister’s bashfulness. Women are different from men in that they begin searching for the right match as soon as they turn 15. Liuli is already 18, and long past the marrying age.


“Liuli, since you’re not interested in Prince Hao, I will find another suitable person for you.”


Xie Liuli immediately raised her head. “Elder Brother, I don’t want you to find someone for me; you will only look for a noble young master from a matching family. What’s good about those people? How good can the sons be when their fathers have so many concubines?”


Hearing the annoyance in her tone, Xie Yun heartily laughed. “Don’t worry, I will make sure to pick someone appropriate for you. Just don’t leave your courtyard or eavesdrop on me anymore.” Without giving her a chance to reply, he turned to leave the room.


Upon walking outside, Xie Yun saw Xie Liuli’s personal maidservant and instructed her, “Guard the Commandery Princess; she’s not allowed to leave her courtyard. Otherwise, you will bear the consequences.”


The maidservant repeatedly nodded in terror. “This servant will bear that in mind. Please rest assured, Commandery Prince.”


Despite her reply, Xie Yun still couldn’t be at ease, and ordered some guards to watch over his sister as well.


Inside her room, Xie Liuli’s thoughts had moved away from Feng Changqing. She was now thinking about the conversation that she had overheard between Xie Yun and Pei Zheng.


How should I inform Su Xi-er? After ruminating for a long while, she pushed her room door open, preparing to leave the courtyard.


Just as she walked out however, she saw her personal maidservant waiting outside. “Commandery Princess, what do you need? This servant will get it for you.”


“I am going out for some fresh air.” Xie Liuli casually came up with an excuse. However, before she could step forward, the maidservant knelt down.


“Commandery Princess, this servant begs of you, please don’t go out. If you do, this servant will lose my life.”

Xie Liuli’s body froze as she stared at the maidservant. It must be due to Elder Brother’s orders. She raised her head again, only to notice guards stationed at the entrance to her courtyard. Her heart immediately dropped.

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