Every word was akin to a needle stabbing Yun Ruofeng’s heart. Prince Hao hasn’t noticed me because he is busy with wedding preparations.


Wedding? Su Xi-er, this Prince will definitely take you away!


“Prince Yun, why have you secretly come to Beimin?” Xie Yun went straight to the point, despite already having a good guess.


Yun Ruofeng wore a smile as he responded. “Commandery Prince Xie, what do you think this Prince’s purpose is?”


“Su Xi-er is beautiful and clever; what man wouldn’t like her? Prince Yun, did you come all this way to Beimin for the beauty?” Xie Yun raised his eyebrow and carefully observed Yun Ruofeng’s expression.


Seeing his placid expression, Xie Yun laid his cards on the table. “Someone with Su Xi-er’s status isn’t suitable to become Princess Consort Hao. Even if she does, it will be difficult for her to come out of this alive. Prince Yun, it’s best if you take her away.”


“Su Xi-er is indeed unsuitable to become Princess Consort Hao. Beimin’s political climate requires families to make marriage alliances to reinforce their positions. However, since Commandery Prince Xie has come to talk to this Prince, you cannot expect me to not suspect you of already having a plan.This Prince has indeed come here for the beauty.”


Xie Yun nodded. “This Prince will assist you in obtaining your beauty. Your biggest obstacle should be Prince Hao, and this Prince will assist you with holding him back so that you can take Su Xi-er away easily.”


“Many thanks, Commandery Prince. This Prince offers a toast to you with tea in place of wine.” Yun Ruofeng picked up the teapot and poured Xie Yun a cup.


Afterwards, the two clinked their cups together before downing their contents.


“Commandery Prince Xie, aren’t you afraid that the matter of you cooperating with this Prince will be leaked, branding you with the crime of treason?” Yun Ruofeng’s smile was replaced with a solemn look in his eyes.


Xie Yun shook his head. “You only want a woman. Since ancient times, beauties have been known to be femme fatales who would cause the downfall of a nation. This Prince is saving the country, not colluding with an enemy.”


Yun Ruofeng’s gaze became distant. He was very clear that snatching Su Xi-er away would offend Pei Qianhao. But I am bent on getting this femme fatale.


“When do you plan to act, Prince Yun?” Xie Yun asked as he placed his teacup down.


Yun Ruofeng indifferently replied, “The day of Prince Hao’s wedding.”


Xie Yun slightly narrowed his eyes. “Your plan is not bad. This Prince will make arrangements on that day; I hope that you do not disappoint my kind intentions.” Xie Yun stood up and bid Yun Ruofeng goodbye before leaving the room.


Yun Ruofeng knew that the Pei and Xie families had never gotten along. This time, I must take Su Xi-er away. If I fail, she will die when she stays in Beimin.


Qin Ling entered the room after watching Xie Yun leave, unable to stop himself from asking, “Prince Yun, Commandery Prince Xie isn’t someone easy to deal with. Are you sure that you want to work with him?”


“As long as this Prince can achieve my goal, I will use any person, no matter how conniving they are. Qin Ling, have there been any strange movements from the Prince Hao Residence?”


“The covert guards reported that there were two coarsely dressed women who boarded a horse carriage headed for the imperial palace while carrying a large amount of red silk.


Red silk. An item that is needed during a wedding. If they’re sending it to the palace, does that mean that the wedding will occur in the palace?


“Continue monitoring the Prince Hao Residence. Make sure that you don’t give yourselves away.” Yun Ruofeng’s expression turned serious.


Qin Ling bowed. “This subordinate obeys the order.”


After leaving the inn, Xie Yun boarded a horse carriage and headed for the Commandery Prince Residence. A guard came to report to him as soon as they arrived. “Commandery Prince Xie, Lord Pei has been waiting for you for a long time. He has something important to tell you.”

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