“Stop the carriage.” Xie Yun ordered the guard. He lifted the curtain of the carriage and looked at Mei Jinxiu.


Mei Jinxiu saw the luxurious horse carriage stop beside her, and a handsome man smiling from inside.


“Miss, you are going to the Prince Hao Residence?”


Mei Jinxiue saw the man’s gentle appearance, and felt that he wasn’t a bad person, so she answered, “Yes, I am about to.” She then continued walking forward.


She had only taken a few steps when someone pulled her arm. Turning around, she saw that the man had come down and was holding onto her hand, still gently smiling at her.


“Mister, why are you holding me back?”


Xie Yun smiled. “Apologies for being rude, Miss. Who are you going to look for in the Prince Hao Residence?”


“Why should I tell you?” Mei Jinxiu immediately responded, becoming vigilant of the man in front of her.


The guard from the Commandery Prince Residence lambasted her disrespectful behaviour. “Audacious! Commandery Prince Xie is in your presence!”


Mei Jinxiu was stunned. So he is Commandery Prince Xie! He’s from Beimin’s Xie Family, an aristocratic family that has been influential for many generations.


“Don’t frighten her.” Xie Yun furrowed his brows and chided the guard before looking towards Mei Jinxiu. “This Prince and Prince Hao are good friends. He’s not in his residence now. If you need him for something, you can let this Prince know.”


Mei Jinxiu thought to herself. The Xie Family is reputable, and Commandery Prince Xie is known to be a gentle, courteous, and righteous man.


After contemplating for a moment, she decided to tell him. “I indeed have something to inform Prince Hao of. Nanzhao’s Prince Yun has entered Beimin’s capital, and he’s staying at…” She lowered her voice. “Ye’s Inn near the city gate.”


The corners of Xie Yun’s mouth curled up. “Many thanks for informing this Prince of such an important matter; I will definitely let Prince Hao know. Miss, where do you stay? This Prince will have someone send you back.


“It’s fine, I can return on my own.” Mei Jinxiu waved her hand before turning to leave.


After watching Mei Jinxiu leave, Xie Yun turned around to glance at the Prince Hao Residence’s signboard, softly chuckling before boarding the horse carriage.


“Go to Ye’s Inn.”


The guard leapt onto the horse carriage and cracked the horsewhip without another word, heading straight for Ye’s Inn.


It wasn’t long before they reached the inn, where Yun Ruofeng was sitting in the private room and watching the streets below.


When Yun Ruofeng spotted the horse carriage from the Commandery Prince Residence, his gaze deepened. Xie Yun? Soon, he saw a man alighting the carriage and making his way into the inn.


Qin Ling pushed the door open and entered. “Prince Yun, Commandery Prince Xie is here.”


“How did Commandery Prince Xie learn of this inn when this Prince secretly snuck into Beimin?”


At this moment, the gentle voice of a man could be heard. “Prince Yun, after a long journey to Beimin, this Prince must entertain you well.”


Yun Ruofeng shifted his gaze to Xie Yun. Both of them were similar in many aspects. They appeared gentle with an ever-present smile, and were well-known for treating others amiably.


“Commandery Prince Xie, please take a seat.” Xie Yun was considered a guest, so Yun Ruofeng couldn’t just chase him away.


Xie Yun smiled as he sat down.


Qin Ling cupped his fists before he bowed and withdrew, closing the door behind him while leaving only the two princes in the room.


“There are many capable people in the Commandery Prince Residence. Even Prince Hao hasn’t found out that this Prince has come to Beimin.”


Xie Yun smiled. “Prince Hao is busy preparing for his wedding. He naturally doesn’t have the energy to observe the movements of others.”

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