Mei Jinxiu stopped in her tracks, staring dazedly at Qin Ling’s retreating figure. That man is familiar, almost as if I’ve met him before.


Even when Qin Ling had disappeared into the distance, Mei Jinxiu eyes were still fixed in the direction he had left in. Suddenly, realisation dawned upon her. I know who this man is!


Nanzhao’s Imperial Army Commander  Qin Ling!


If Qin Ling is in Beimin’s capital, does it mean that Prince Yun is also here? Mei Jinxiu’s expression stiffened. She then immediately turned to follow Qin Ling. Prince Hao’s wedding is just around the corner, and Prince Yun has suddenly come to Beimin. Is something major going to happen?


Su Xi-er came to her mind. Could Prince Yun have come for Su Xi-er? No, this won’t do. I have to find where Prince Yun is staying and report it to Prince Hao.


Mei Jinxiu rounded the corner, nervously surveying her surroundings before she noticed Qin Ling’s figure in front of her. Pretending to be strolling around on the streets, she followed him until they arrived at an inn.


After entering the inn, she sat down and ordered two dishes, checking whether Yun Ruofeng was around as she waited for the dishes.


A short while after the dishes were served she noticed Qin Ling coming down from the second floor with a solemn expression.


She immediately lowered her head. Prince Yun must be staying on the second floor of this inn. I’ll make a trip to the Prince Hao Residence later.


Mei Jinxiu quickly finished her meal, heading for the Prince Hao Residence after settling the bill.


After travelling along two more streets, Qin Ling had turned around, prompting her to shuffle over to one of the hawker stalls on the side of the street.


Soon, Mei Jinxiu heard a series of heavy footsteps stopping behind her. Qin Ling has discovered me.


Mei Jinxiu pretended that she had yet to sense his presence, and continued checking out the goods at the stall until the hawker informed her, “Miss, the man behind you probably knows you.”


With the hawker’s reminder, Mei Jinxiu could no longer keep up the act. Hence, she turned around and looked at Qin Ling and asked, “Mister, why are you standing behind me when we don’t know one another?”


“I should be the one asking you that. Why are you tailing me when we don’t know one another?” Qin Ling’s expression was solemn. This woman followed me to the inn, even using her meal as an excuse to wait until I left. She definitely has an ulterior motive.


Despite knowing that she wouldn’t be able to deceive him, Mei Jinxiu also knew that she couldn’t reveal her true intentions. Thus, she lowered her voice. “I like tall and powerful men, so you caught my eye immediately. I was following you so I could find out where you were staying, but I didn’t expect for you to be staying in an inn. Are you not from Beimin?”


Her reply completely caught Qin Ling off guard. I have never met a woman bold enough to say something like this to a man’s face.


Although her voice was very soft, the hawker still heard it, causing his eyes to widen as he stared at her.


Mei Jinxiu was aware that her words were very shocking, but that was the only solution she could come up with.


“Miss, don’t follow me anymore.” Qin Ling awkwardly said before leaving.


When he finally left, Mei Jinxiu heaved a sigh of relief.


The hawker behind her finally came back to his senses. Misunderstanding that she was dejected after the rejection, he couldn’t help but comfort, “Miss, there are many men in this world. You don’t have to cling to just one. Besides, you know nothing about him. What if he already has a wife?”


“Many thanks for your advice, I won’t think about it anymore.” Mei Jinxiu smiled at the hawker before continuing to the Prince Hao Residence.


Just as Mei Jinxiu arrived at the entrance of the Prince Hao Residence, Xie Yun also happened to be passing by in a horse carriage, immediately spotting her.

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