Su Xi-er stared at him. If he’s already studying about positions now, doesn’t that mean he plans to put them to use after marriage? Moreover, what if he hurts me again with his strength?


While she was worrying, she heard his serious voice. “Now that you are aware of this book, this Prince doesn’t have to hide from you when I study it in the future.”


Su Xi-er was a bit regretful. Had I known, I wouldn’t have pestered him about the book. Great, he can openly be shameless from now on.


At this moment, Yuchi Mo entered the main chamber of the side hall. “Prince Hao, we haven’t found the Empress Dowager, but a palace maid from the Compassionate Peace Palace discovered this.” He handed over a piece of paper.


It was none other than the ‘Empress Dowager’s severance letter’. Pei Qianhao remained calm as he opened the paper carefully reading its contents.


A moment later, he said, “The Empress Dowager left the palace to get some fresh air and drive away her worries. Order the Imperial Army guards and army soldiers, have them announce this severance letter to the public.”


“This… please reconsider, Prince Hao. It would be disadvantageous to the Empress Dowager if the severance letter is announced to the public.”


“This Prince has already made up my mind. Just follow the orders.” Pei Qianhao passed the letter back to Yuchi Mo, leaving the latter with no choice but to accept his decision.


In the severance letter, the ‘Empress Dowager’ had clearly stated: This Empress Dowager doesn’t like Grand Tutor Kong’s goddaughter. Since Prince Hao insists on marrying her, this Empress Dowager will be leaving the palace Let’s see how you can still get married.


As soon as the news was circulated, fervent discussions about the Empress Dowager erupted throughout the streets.


“It’s completely up to Prince Hao as to who he wants to marry. Why does the Empress Dowager want to interfere? She’s not magnanimous at all.”


“I guess the Empress Dowager has her own worries. Although Grand Tutor Kong’s goddaughter doesn’t have a low status, it still can’t be compared to Commandery Princess Xie.”


“Prince Hao’s wedding will definitely be held as planned. The Empress Dowager is just going out to relieve herself of worries. Once she’s feeling better, she’ll naturally return to the palace.”


“No wonder all the guards are gone. As long as the Empress Dowager is fine, there should be no issue.”


Soon, the news spread to Yun Ruofeng, Xie Yun, and Pei Zheng.




Yun Ruofeng was unperturbed. It would have been nice for the wedding to be delayed, but I already knew that it would be unlikely with Pei Qianhao in control. His personality brooks no interference, but even if my opponent is strong, I am resolved to take Su Xi-er away.


Compared to Yun Ruofeng’s composed reaction, Pei Zheng was much more anxious.


Knowing that their master was in an unpleasant mood, the pages and maidservants didn’t even dare to breathe loudly in the Pei Residence.


Lady Pei was beside Pei Zheng. “My Lord, our daughter has been having a tough time these few years. Let her be.”


“How can we let her be?! Since she’s the Empress Dowager, there’s no room for discussion. I’ll be making a trip out of the residence.” Pei Zheng slapped the table before standing up to leave the main hall.


Watching Pei Zheng’s departing figure, Matriarch Pei couldn’t help but silently shed tears.


Hiding in a corner, an idea sprung into Mei Jinxiu’s mind when she saw Pei Zheng leaving his residence. This is the best opportunity for me to secretly escape. 


Pei Zheng had captured her, coercing her until her stay in the residence was no different than confinement. She couldn’t bear staying here any longer.


Now that Pei Zheng had finally gone out, she waited for a chance to knock out the guards with some medicinal powder before sneaking out.


With her plan fixed, Mei Jinxiu immediately set it into action. Holding a small bottle in her hands, Mei Jinxiue chose a less taken path in the residence to reach the back door. Once there, she quickly acted and spread some of the powder in the air.


When the guard fell unconscious, she quickly made her way out of the Pei Residence. Once she was out, she inadvertently noticed Qin Ling, who was sneaking around in his coarse clothes.

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