Similar to Yun Ruofeng, the man was dressed in white robes. He was handsome and displayed an elegant demeanour, a clear look in his eyes. This person was none other than Beimin’s Third Imperial Prince, Situ Li.


Yun Ruofeng gestured at Situ Li. “Third Imperial Prince, please have a seat.”


Situ Li’s expression was indifferent as he sat on the chair. “Prince Yun, you infiltrated Beimin’s capital, and even found this Prince’s residence outside of the palace. May I know what you plan to do?”


“Third Imperial Prince, you are a clever person. How could you not know what this Prince plans to do?” Yun Ruofeng questioned as he poured a cup of tea for Situ Li.


“You have only known Su Xi-er for a short while. It’s hard to believe that you have fallen so hard for her so quickly.” There was a probing look in Situ Li’s eyes as he took the teacup.


He didn’t believe that Su Xi-er possessed such a charm. Isn’t she just a little clever, pretty, and bold? The reason I viewed her differently was because of the way she behaved in Empress Mother’s repose palace. I found my own shadow in her.


Even when she’s been cornered, she still desperately carves out a way to survive. Resilient and obstinate, just like how I was back then.


Yun Ruofeng’s gaze became distant until he answered a moment later. “I only knew Su Xi-er for a short time, but…” The same cannot be said for the time that I spent with Ning Rulan.


“But what? Prince Yun, if you want this Prince’s help, you have to show me your sincerity.” Situ Li slowly stated.


“This Prince has helped you before. After you repay this favour, we won’t owe one another anymore.” Yun Ruofeng changed the topic.


“This Prince will definitely return the favour I owe you. It’s just that this Prince is curious, why do you want to take her away?”


Yun Ruofeng let out a soft chuckle. “A senior monk made a divination for this Prince, and he told me that Su Xi-er is my destined princess consort.”


“Prince Yun, I didn’t know that you believed in the occult. The day of Prince Hao’s wedding may be the day Su Xi-er returns to your side. This Prince will help you, but whether you can successfully take her away or not will depend on your own ability.” Situ Li then drained the contents of his teacup before standing up and leaving the room.


Yun Ruofeng’s expression remained normal. He had been acquainted with Situ Li for a long time after unintentionally saving his life in the past. This favour has finally come in handy.


The Imperial Army guards had already split off some of their forces from the streets to the suburbs to continue the search. Yuchi Mo was also trying hard to find the Empress Dowager after receiving Pei Qianhao’s order.


However, all of this was just a smokescreen by Pei Qianhao. Regardless of whether the Empress Dowager returns, the wedding must go on as planned. At the same time, he had commanded Wu Ling to protect Grand Tutor Kong, and another palace maid to look after Tan Ge.




Meanwhile, he was teaching Situ Lin about governance and leading an army in the Dragon Heaven Palace, while Su Xi-er was arranging the books at the side.


Situ Lin was very engrossed by his Imperial Uncle’s teachings, as he was extremely interested in managing the army. However, he would also lose focus at times, his gaze subconsciously drifting to Su Xi-er.


As soon as he lost concentration, Pei Qianhao would scare Situ Lin with his cold gaze, and the latter would immediately come back to his senses.


Four hours later, Situ Lin finally closed the book and rested for a while. He then stood up and looked at Su Xi-er, who was still arranging the books. “Imperial Aunt, what books are you arranging?”


Su Xi-er smiled as she replied, “Your Majesty, you leave all the books on the ground after reading them instead of putting them on the shelf. If you’re reading them all every day, why don’t you know what books they are?”

Situ Lin immediately glanced at Pei Qianhao in fear. When he saw that Pei Qianhao didn’t intend to reproach him, he became relieved. I only pick the books I’m interested in. As for the rest, I just casually browse through them.

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