He had barely finished speaking when Su Xi-er’s gaze landed between the boy’s legs. Whether he is a eunuch, I only need one look to find out.


The boy sensed her gaze before he suddenly blushed as he squeezed his legs together. “Where are you looking?!”


Su Xi-er laughed when she saw how intense his reactions were. “You’re so young, yet you’re already spinning lies. Who taught you?” Then, she suddenly remembered something. In the imperial palace, if there is such a young boy who isn’t a eunuch… it can only be the reigning emperor.


At this point, she immediately sounded him out by bowing deferentially. “This servant pays my respects to Your Majesty.”


Astonishment appeared on the boy’s face before he returned to his cute appearance and waved his hand. “I am not the emperor. Don’t spout nonsense. I am just a…” He was unable to come up with anything after this. I can’t say that I am a eunuch because I have that thing!


The boy’s subtle expression didn’t escape from Su Xi-er’s eyes. “Your Majesty, don’t tease this servant anymore. Please quickly return to your repose palace to rest.”


“I didn’t think that I would be exposed so quickly. Don’t call me ‘Your Majesty’. In the future, you will play with me.” Situ Lin harrumphed, but his voice was still tender.


“This servant has to scrub the chamber pots. How would I play with you?”


Situ Lin snorted. “You’re so beautiful. Why are you scrubbing the chamber pots and getting yourself smelly? It just happens that my wet nurse is over there. I’ll ask her to change your job for you.”


Su Xi-er recalled that she had to change her job before the weather got cold. However, even if she didn’t scrub the chamber pots, she couldn’t play with the emperor and attract gossip from others.


“Are you going to play?” Situ Lin’s eyes were wide open as he looked at her with a face full of hope.


Immediately, Su Xi-er was reminded of her imperial younger brother, Ning Lianchen. When he was young, he would often shout for her to play with him. Before he had fully grown up however, she had already passed away and left him.


“Are you going to play?” Situ Lin asked again and there were even grievances on his face.


Su Xi-er was moved. “I can, but it has to be at night. Furthermore, it can’t be every day. You can sneak into Old Maidservant Liu’s place, but I can’t always leave the Palace Side Quarters.”


Situ Lin raised his head. “I’ll just transfer you to the Dragon Heaven Palace.”


“That won’t do. You can’t do it with great fanfare. Otherwise, I won’t play with you,” Su Xi-er threatened.


Situ Lin lowered his head and replied softly, “Alright then.”


Afterwards, he asked in bafflement, “You were clearly walking forward just now. Where do you want to go? I am familiar with the imperial palace since I secretly slip out at night to play sometimes.”


Now that I have found out his true identity, a child’s innate disposition shouldn’t be bad.


Hence, she told him, “Laundry Service Bureau. Do you know where that is?”


“Laundry Service Bureau, the place where clothes are washed. Of course I will know. In the past, I even went in there and purposely tore the clothes apart!” Situ Lin giggled.


When Su Xi-er heard that, her expression changed. Without saying anything, she pulled at Situ Lin’s face. “The clothes you inadvertently tore will cause someone’s death.”


“Why would that be? I only tore the clothes. It’s not like I asked for a palace maid’s life.” Situ Lin thought nothing of it.


Su Xi-er became very solemn. “If a palace maid in the Laundry Service Bureau damages expensive clothing while washing them, they will lose their heads in a moment’s notice if they get blamed!”


Situ Lin was evidently frightened. “That can’t be true, can it? I don’t want their lives.”


“Later, you will show the way and take me to the Laundry Service Bureau. Speak softly, and conceal yourself once we arrive. We can’t say for sure if there’s a palace maid currently being punished.”


Situ Lin had an incredulous expression, but at the same time, he was afraid that his unintentional actions had harmed someone.


Hence, he obediently gave Su Xi-er directions.


When they reached the palace gate of the Laundry Service Bureau, Situ Lin followed what Su Xi-er said and hid at a covert location.


However, Situ Lin had just hidden himself when he heard the sound of a cudgel thrashing someone. His heart also palpitated with the sound of each impact.


Although he was the esteemed emperor, he didn’t like to punish people.


Su Xi-er made a hush sign in the direction Situ Lin was hiding. Then, she slowly walked forward.


The sound of the cudgel became clearer as she approached until finally, she was able to see the person being flogged in the moonlight. It’s Ruo Yuan!


A slightly older palace maid was thrashing Ruo Yuan ruthlessly. “Look at how fat you are! Even if I hit a hundred times, your skin probably won’t tear right! Fat woman, hideous woman, what meaning is there in you living!”

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