The pastries in the tea shop weren’t exquisitely made like those in the capital’s teahouses, but he still took his time in savouring them as if they were exotic delicacies. Even the owner of the tea store found him very strange.


Fully dressed in black robes with a large hat covering his eyes. I can only see his nose and mouth.


Shi Mo placed down the chopsticks and looked into the distance. After so many days, he should already be here. He constantly pursued Su Xi-er while she was in Nanzhao, even going as far as to ask Prince Hao for her. Now that she’s about to be married to another man, how can he remain unshaken?


After waiting for approximately two hours, an ordinary horse carriage slowly stopped before the tea store.


Standing beside the carriage were a few family servants dressed in coarse clothes. They were all extremely respectful to the person sitting in the carriage.


The corners of Shi Mo’s mouth curled up. He’s finally here. A moment later, he placed the silvers on the table and swiftly left, his black robes swirling in the wind, appearing solemn and cold.


“Master, we only have these. Please bear with it and eat a little.” Qin Ling, who was disguised as a page, passed a piece of yellow paper with a few biscuits in it to the person in the carriage.


A clear male voice sounded. “When I stayed in the army during wartime, I even had to eat mouldy food. Compared to that, this biscuit can be considered delicious.” An arm reached out from the curtain and took the biscuits in.


“Qin Ling, find a nondescript inn in the capital for us to stay.”


“Yes.” Qin Ling replied, and raised his hand to instruct the guard to continue driving the horse carriage.


Soon, the horse carriage was slowly headed for Beimin’s capital.


In the horse carriage, Yun Ruofeng gazed at the biscuit in his hand, reminiscing about the times he had spent with Ning Rulan in the army barracks. Back then, there was only a piece of dried biscuit in my hand. I couldn’t bear to eat it, so I gave all of it to her. Yet, she was thinking the same thing.


In the end, the two of us finished it by taking turns to eat one mouthful at a time.


Yun Ruofeng felt his heart twinge in pain. Lan-er, during this period that you have left Nanzhao, I have thought about things a lot. I finally understand that I cannot lose you.


I only have myself to blame that it is too little too late. I’m afraid that you won’t forgive me. But I can’t survive without you. No matter what your response is, I will bring you back with me.


You were originally my woman. You can’t marry another man!


Resolution emerged in Yun Ruofeng’s eyes as he crumpled the yellow paper in his hand. It was unclear how much time had passed before the horse carriage entered the capital, and he started eating the biscuit.


Every bite he took would remind him of Ning Rulan’s appearance. She would only smile at me while she gracefully danced for me. She would even ask, “Feng, did I dance well?”


Although she was always strong and independent, she would still occasionally reveal her bashful side to me. Yun Ruofeng couldn’t help but resent himself. I can only blame myself for letting my pride get the better of me. I wanted all of her love and just be a demure woman standing behind me, while not accepting anything that made her herself. In the end, my greed caused me to lose her.


“Lan-er, I am going to bring you back this time.” Yun Ruofeng softly murmured to himself. Only when Qin Ling called out to him was he pulled from his thoughts.


Yun Ruofeng walked down from the horse carriage before entering the inn that Qin Ling had selected through the back door. He picked one of the better rooms to take a rest.


Watching Yun Ruofeng enter his room, Qin Ling felt that the former had changed a lot during this period of time. Prince Yun has long known that Imperial Physician Fang had been bribed by His Majesty to spike his medicine to debilitate him, yet he still drank it.


Yet, when Prince Yun learned that Su Xi-er was going to be married, he immediately poured that medicine away, brewing another for himself and keeping a piece of ginseng in his mouth every day. Only then was he able to recover his strength and come all the way to Beimin.

Qin Ling couldn’t comprehend Yun Ruofeng. Prince Yun has only known Su Xi-er for a short time. Why is he suddenly so deep in love with her? Moreover, Su Xi-er is the woman Prince Hao has taken a liking to!

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Rakumon's Thoughts

Translation: Rakumon

Edit: Lunarlark


Rakumon's Corner:

If we liken Su Xi-er/Ning Rulan to a flower, the difference between Yun Ruofeng and Pei Qianhao is that while Yun Ruofeng tries to keep the flower at home for himself, hidden from the outside world, Pei Qianhao allows the flower to freely bloom in the wild as he stands guard over it.

Ning Rulan didn't care about Yun Ruofeng's status as a lowly soldier back then, and didn't expect much of him, yet Yun Ruofeng became dissatisfied that Ning Rulan didn't fit the image of the 'perfect Ning Rulan' he had. Had they talked over their problems and tried to overcome their differences, perhaps things wouldn't have turned out the way they did. After all, it wasn't easy for the imperial princess of a nation and an insignificant soldier to get together.

What do you guys think? Any other analogies to offer? XD