Before Xie Liuli could react, the man in front of her disappeared like the wind, leaving only the cold pandora glass bead lying in her palm, as proof that he had been there.


He left before I could even ask for his name. Since he ran away after hearing my identity, does that mean that I won’t ever see him again?


A trace of sorrow and displeasure emerged in her eyes.


The guard walked over and stopped in front of her. “Commandery Princess, please quickly return to the residence with this subordinate. The Commandery Prince was so worried that he had us comb through the entire capital.”


“I’ll go back now. Is Elder Brother in the residence?”


“No, the Commandery Prince went to the imperial palace.”


Xie Liuli was taken aback. “Why did he go to the imperial palace? Shouldn’t he be searching for me on the streets?”


“Commandery Princess, if you knew that the Commandery Prince would search everywhere for you, you shouldn’t have snuck out of the residence. He thought that you had been abducted.”


Xie Liuli’s breathing hitched for a moment. Could Elder Brother have thought that Prince Hao abducted me and went to find trouble for him? Xie Liuli immediately stowed away the pandora glass bead into her sleeve and hastened her pace. With the Commandery Prince Residence nearby, it only took her a short while to reach there by foot.


Just as Xie Liuli arrived at the street, she happened to see Xie Yun alighting from a horse carriage. She immediately went forward and called for him.


However, she only found a frosty reproach in her brother’s eyes.


Xie Yun’s gaze was deep and devoid of smiles as he looked towards Xie Liuli. He harshly chided, “You’ve become bold enough to leave the residence by yourself, have you?”


“Elder Brother, listen to me…”


Xie Yun waved his hand, and instructed the guard, “Send the Commandery Princess back to her courtyard, and don’t allow her to leave the residence.”


Seeing Xie Yun’s stormy expression, the guard immediately gestured at Xie Liuli to enter the residence.


Xie Liuli knew that she wouldn’t be able to get through to Xie Yun while the latter was still livid. Hence, she could only clutch her sleeves and walk into the residence with a lowered head.


When her hand involuntarily touched the pandora glass bead in her sleeve, Xie Liuli felt warmth creep into her heart for a moment. As the image of the man who saved her flashed through her mind again, she thought, I hope that Heaven will allow us to meet again.


What is his name? Where does he stay? Does he have a wife?


The tips of her ears flushed red as she thought of the last question. What am I thinking? Is it because now that I’m 18, I can’t stand the loneliness and want to marry someone?


Watching Xie Liuli’s departing figure, Xie Yun’s deep gaze darkened. I didn’t expect Liuli to be so insensible multiple times in a row. I have been spoiling her too much.


When I couldn’t find her, I went straight to the Dragon Heaven Palace, only to be ridiculed by Pei Qianhao. How can I take this lying down?!


Although he was furious, he was still very satisfied with Tan Ge’s performance. After she blocked Shi Mo’s arrow, Tan Ge has completely earned Su Xi-er’s trust. At least, that is what I can tell from what I’ve seen.


The darkness dissipated from Xie Yun’s eyes. The corners of his mouth curved into a smile, no longer gentle, but with a trace of wickedness.


Suddenly, a guard from the Commandery Prince Residence came over to report. “Commandery Prince, something major has happened in the imperial palace. The Empress Dowager has gone missing, and even the commoners know about the incident.”


Xie Yun’s expression remained unchanged as he waved his hand. “This Prince already knows about it. Withdraw.”


“Yes.” The guard bowed and cupped his fists before leaving.


Xie Yun’s eyes were shining as he watched the sky darken. Shi Mo acts pretty fast; he has already spread the news.


However, Xie Yun wasn’t aware that the one who had spread the news wasn’t Shi Mo, but Yuchi Mo under Pei Qianhao’s orders.




Meanwhile, Shi Mo, who was instrumental in the Empress Dowager going missing, was in a tea store in the suburbs. He had ordered some pastries and was slowly enjoying them.

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