Xie Liuli raised her head to look at him. Can I trust him? His eyes are clear; he should be a good person.


Hence, she threw her suspicions away and followed the man out of the private room. Once the man paid for her tea, the two of them walked out from the back door.


After they exited the teahouse, Xie Liuli stopped in her tracks. “Mister, let’s say goodbye now.”


Just as the words left her mouth, the man turned around, the previous gentle look in his eyes disappearing. Several others suddenly appeared at his side, with one of the men holding a gunny sack.


“Miss, it wasn’t easy for me to trick you to come out. We’ll naturally sell you off at a good price.” The man taunted as he raised his hand, striking towards the nape of Xie Liuli’s neck.


Nimbly twisting her body around, Xie Liuli desperately ran for her life. However, the laughter and footsteps of the men behind her only grew louder as they gradually gained on her.


With how quickly she was running, it was inevitable that the pandora glass bead she was wearing would fall from her head. Picking it up, one of the men remarked, “This bead looks sparkly; it looks like it’ll fetch a good price.” He stowed it away in his sleeves before reaching out a hand, trying to pull at Xie Liuli’s collar.


The sight of her glass bead landing in an outsider’s hand only served to heighten her panic. However, she could only continue running forward, forcing herself to speed up. I just need to turn the corner and I’ll be saved!


This thought spurred her legs to move even faster. The man behind her purposely let her run for a while, knowing that he had already ordered people to hide on the street ahead.


When Xie Liuli turned the corner, she wasn’t able to stop herself in time, bumping into a man dressed in blue coarse clothes.


The man in blue supported her and asked, “Miss, are you alright?”


Xie Liuli raised her head, only to find herself staring at a coarse cloth veil covering the man’s face. A charming look exuded from his jet black eyes, causing her to simply continue staring at him in a daze.


The man behind her hollered, “Let go of her. She’s mine!”


His shout pulled Xie Liuli out from her thoughts. This man in front of me isn’t the bad person’s subordinate. She immediately grabbed him, and beseeched, “Mister, please save me. They want to sell me.”


Looking at her small hands tightly clasped around his wrist, the man’s brows visibly furrowed as he pulled her behind his back. “Stay away from me, and close your eyes.”


Despite not understanding why he had told her to stay away, Xie Liuli still followed his instructions. Yet, she was shivering after hearing what seemed to be the tragic screams of the pursuing men once she did.


A moment later, silence took over, and the man’s resounding voice could be heard. “Let’s go.”


Feeling someone pulling her arm, Xie Liuli opened her eyes, taking in the tall back of the person leading her.


“Where do you stay? I’ll send you back. It’s not safe for a young lady to wander the streets alone at this hour.” Feng Changqing took her to a main street and let go of her, taking a few steps back to ensure a distance between them.


Guessing that he was an ordinary civilian from his coarse clothes, Xie Liuli decided that it wouldn’t be wise for her to inform him of her status as the Commandery Princess.


“My house is just three streets away. You can just send me to the neighbouring street.” Xie Liuli smilingly replied.


Feng Changqing nodded. “Alright.”


The two made their way to the neighbouring street as night gradually fell. Suddenly, Xie Liuli remembered that her pandora glass bead was still with the man that had tried to kidnap her!


Noticing her distress, Feng Changqing took something out of his sleeves before handing it to Xie Liuli. “Yours; keep it well.”


Looking at the glistening pandora glass bead in his hand, Xie Liuli was delighted. She was just about to take it when she suddenly stopped and smiled. “Mister, can you help me wear it? I don’t know how to put on accessories on my own.”


Feng Changqing was slightly stunned before he raised his hand to help her put on the pandora glass bead. However, a man’s voice suddenly sounded. “Commandery Princess, we’ve finally found you.”

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