Dusk was approaching as the guards from the Commandery Prince Residence continued to scour the streets for Xie Liuli, but to no avail. Even the Commandery Prince’s usual gentle expression is getting increasingly stormier. Yet, even after searching the entire capital, the Commandery Princess is nowhere to be seen. Could she have been abducted and taken away to the suburbs or some rural county?


Xie Yun was extremely perturbed. Liuli has always been obedient. If she left on her own, we would’ve found her after searching for so long! She must have been abducted. But the question is, by who? Pei Qianhao?


The possibility caused a glint of ruthlessness to emerge in Xie Yun’s eyes. Liuli is pure and innocent, even helping Pei Qianhao during the Winter Solstice palace banquet. She would never have expected the person who she helped would act against her one day.


“Commandery Prince, we have combed through the capital, but we haven’t spotted any signs of the Commandery Princess. We need to dispatch some people to search in the suburbs.” A guard bowed as he reported.


Xie Yun waved his hand, coldly replying, “No need.”


The guard’s eyes twitched, his expression confused. “No need?”


“Yes, this Prince knows where she is. Withdraw all the guards.” Xie Yun went to board the horse carriage from the Commandery Prince Residence, and rushed straight to the imperial palace.


The guard was perplexed. The Commandery Prince left in the direction of the imperial palace. Does that mean that the Commandery Princess is in there? But even if she did enter the palace, she wouldn’t have left without leaving a word.


There was no way that Xie Yun could have known that Xie Liuli hadn’t been abducted, but had instead snuck out on her own.


After listening to her brother in the main hall this afternoon, she felt like a stone was weighing on her heart. Although Elder Brother smiled at me, it didn’t feel genuine at all.


The Elder Brother in my memory would climb trees to pick fruits and steal eggs together with me. He was so pure back then. But now, Elder Brother values power too much. The Xie Family is already one of the most prestigious aristocratic families in Beimin; isn’t that enough? Why does he insist on trying to steal away power that doesn’t belong to us?


Xie Liuli’s pure thoughts didn’t allow her to comprehend Xie Yun’s methods. In fact, the more she tried to make sense of them, the more the feeling of suffocation in her chest intensified. As a result, she secretly snuck out of the Commandery Prince Residence on her own.


She aimlessly wandered the streets until she entered a teahouse, finding a private room at the corner and drinking tea alone. She watched the streets from the window in the room, noticing the guards from the Commandery Prince Residence who were searching for her.


But I just can’t bring myself to go back. I will never forget the words that Prince Hao said to me when I privately met with him in the teahouse that day.


When two people are mutually in love with one another, they should receive blessings from others. She only revered Pei Qianhao, and she admired Su Xi-er.


Xie Liuli sighed, the pandora glass beads on her forehead slightly swaying. She picked up the teapot and poured a cup of tea, planning to return after drinking it.


However, just as she had taken a few sips, the door to the private room was pushed open, revealing a tall and lanky man who had a gentle expression on his face.


Despite him barging in, Xie Liuli maintained the necessary formalities. “Mister, you have entered the wrong room.”


The man shook his head. “I didn’t make a mistake. It’s getting late, Miss. Aren’t you scared that it’ll be dangerous going out alone so late at night?”


Vigilance crept into Xie Liuli’s eyes. “My family servants are waiting outside the teahouse. I’ll return right away.”


“Is that so? I didn’t see any family servants outside the teahouse.” The man spoke again as he walked closer. “Miss, you should know that the bawd from the brothel already has men waiting for you outside.”


“Many thanks for the warning, Mister.” Xie Liuli stood up, preparing to leave the private room.


She had only taken a few steps when the man blocked her. “Miss, you will really be caught right away if you go out like this. You should leave with me from the back door.”

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