Xie Yun immediately became serious and put down the teacup. “When did you realise that she went missing?”


“The Commandery Princess wanted to drink hot water, so this servant went to boil some. By the time I returned to the room, the Commandery Princess was missing. This servant has already searched for half a day, but she was nowhere to be found. This servant could only come to look for you, Commandery Prince.”


Without another word, Xie Yun left the main hall and instructed the guards to thoroughly scour the Commandery Prince Residence.


An hour later, a sliver of panic flickered across Xie Yun’s eyes as the guards reported no signs of the Commandery Princess. Liuli has always been obedient. Although she was angry with me today, she wouldn’t suddenly leave the residence! Could she have been abducted?


This possibility caused Xie Yun’s face to darken.


After that, a group of guards from the residence was dispatched to secretly search for Xie Liuli.


Of course, it went without saying that Pei Qianhao already had a covert guard in place to watch over the Commandery Prince Residence. Upon spotting the group of guards leaving the Commandery Prince Residence, he immediately headed for the imperial palace to inform Prince Hao of his findings.




In the imperial palace, Su Xi-er had already finished writing the severance letter before secretly setting it on a table in Pei Yaran’s repose palace.


Two hours later, Pei Qianhao deliberately instructed Yuchi Mo to spread the news that the Empress Dowager had gone missing.


Yuchi Mo didn’t understand his intentions. Prince Hao was telling me to keep it a secret a while ago, but now he’s trying to make sure that everybody finds out about it.


It was at this time that the covert guard arrived in the Dragon Heaven Palace to find his master pouring tea for a seated Su Xi-er.


The guard froze for a moment, his face distorting from shock.


Pei Qianhao had poured a cup of hot tea, and was blowing at it a few times before passing it to Su Xi-er. “Be careful, it’s hot.”


Compared to his usual cold and powerful voice, it was much gentler now.


The guard widened his eyes, incredulity plastered across his face. Who would have expected that Prince Hao would become gentle one day?! But it’s now actually happening right before my very eyes!


When Pei Qianhao finally turned around to face the guard, his expression had already reverted to his regular icy gaze. The guard quickly recoiled and came to his senses.


“Prince Hao, for some reason, a group of guards has left the Commandery Prince Residence. It looks like they are searching for someone.”


Su Xi-er’s eyes were filled with bafflement. Pei Qianhao didn’t make a move, so who could the Commandery Prince Residence be missing?


There was a trace of mockery in Pei Qianhao’s eyes. “This Prince hasn’t even started searching, but Xie Yun has already started.” He turned to Su Xi-er, the mockery in his eyes replaced by a playful smile.


Su Xi-er replied, “It seems that Xie Yun already has problems of his own; you don’t even need to do something.”


“People who have done too many things against their conscience will often find that things do not go as they wish.” He instructed the guard to continue monitoring the Commandery Prince Residence before raising his hand to dismiss him.


The guard acknowledged the order and bowed as he left.


Pei Qianhao walked to Su Xi-er, taking her hands into his own as he frowned. “Your hands are freezing. Quickly drink some hot tea.”


Su Xi-er acquiesced and sipped some of the hot liquid before asking, “After the guards find the severance letter, will it be announced to the public?”


As the one who had written the severance letter, she was aware that every sentence in it would only serve to turn the people against Pei Yaran. If this is announced to the public, the commoners would think that the Empress Dowager is too ruthless and callous, randomly matchmaking people unsuited for one another to stabilise the Pei Family’s influence.


“If we aren’t going to announce it to the public, why did we waste the time to write it?” Pei Qianhao countered. Since Pei Yaran has chosen this path, I will not be polite.

Su Xi-er could hear the firmness in his tone. Pei Yaran leaving isn’t a quandary, but an opportunity. Now that a wrench has been thrown into Xie Yun’s plan, I wonder how he’s feeling.

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