While Su Xi-er was writing the severance letter, Pei Yaran herself was standing in the Commandery Prince Residence while looking at Xie Yun, who was sitting in the upper seat.


Though the doors to the main hall were tightly shut, sunlight still entered through the open windows.


“Your skills are impressive, Commandery Prince Xie. I didn’t expect you to know Shi Mo. Even this Empress Dowager doesn’t know who he is.” Pei Yaran coldly remarked with a trace of disdain in her eyes.


‘Empress Dowager, you speak too highly of me. This Prince doesn’t know who he is either.” Xie Yun wore a smile as he picked up the teapot and stood up.


“Drink some tea to calm yourself. This Prince sees that you have too much internal heat.” Xie Yun poured a cup of tea before bringing it to Pei Yaran’s side.


Pei Yaran turned her head away. “This Empress Dowager doesn’t need it. You collaborated with Shi Mo, and even had the audacity to use this Empress Dowager as part of your plan!” She slammed her hand onto the arm of the chair, her eyes filled with ruthlessness. 


“In this Prince’s opinion, Shi Mo didn’t forcefully abduct you; you willingly left the palace. It’s just that what you are thinking is vastly different from what this Prince is thinking.”


Despite being exposed by Xie Yun, there was no change in Pei Yaran’s expression. “This Empress Dowager naturally knows what your intentions are. However, Commandery Prince Xie, it’d be best for you to give up. Prince Hao has already made up his mind to not marry your younger sister.”


Xie Yun laughed. “This Prince can’t force my younger sister when she doesn’t have feelings for Prince Hao. Princess Consort Hao can be anyone as long as this Prince can fully control her.”


“That is to say, if Su Xi-er is willing to be used by you, you will agree to her becoming Princess Consort Hao?” Pei Yaran coldly questioned as her eyes filled with mockery. What huge guts Xie Yun has. He actually wants to control Prince Hao and fight for power. His ambitions are really not small!


“Pei Yaran.” Xie Yun suddenly called her maiden name, his gaze becoming unreadable. “This Prince is very clear about what you are thinking: With the Empress Dowager of Beimin missing, can Prince Hao’s wedding still go on?”


The reason that Pei Yaran was willing to follow Shi Mo out of the palace was precisely because she hoped that Pei Qianhao’s wedding would fail. Not only that, she also wanted him to try to desperately find her.


Don’t you love Su Xi-er very much? Didn’t you insist on marrying her as your wife? I am interested to see how the civilians will react to Prince Hao having a wedding when the Empress Dowager has suddenly gone missing!


Xie Yun could discern the delight in Pei Yaran’s eyes. “Prince Hao will check the Commandery Prince Residence, so this Prince will arrange for you to live somewhere else. A fruit farmer will dropping off his delivery at the residence in two hours.”


”You want me to sit in a fruit farmer’s horse carriage?” Pei Yaran couldn’t help but raise her voice, her displeasure evident.


“What’s wrong with sitting in a fruit farmer’s horse carriage? You should learn to sacrifice certain things in order to achieve your goals, even if it means forsaking your dignity as the Empress Dowager. Prince Hao will undoubtedly have a hard time finding you tonight.”


The last sentence greatly pleased Pei Yaran, causing the bitterness in her heart to dissipate.


Afterwards, Xie Yun sent Pei Yaran to the side room to rest. Two hours later, he gave her a set of coarse clothes to change into as the fruit farmer arrived in his horse carriage.


Thinking that she was just an ordinary woman, the fruit farmer simply jumped onto the carriage and cracked his horsewhip. Soon, Pei Yaran had left the Commandery Prince Residence, heading for the mountains, where Xie Yun’s personal guards were already waiting.


Everything is going according to plan. Xie Yun’s eyes shone as he swayed the teacup in his hand.


Just as he was settling back down, Xie Liuli’s personal maidservant hastily came over. “Commandery Prince, the Commandery Princess is missing.”

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