The cold voice of a man sounded. “This matter has nothing to do with the palace maid. Withdraw.”


After being exonerated, the palace maid immediately left the main hall.


Situ Lin glanced at Su Xi-er. Why did Imperial Uncle bring Imperial Aunt when the Empress Dowager is missing?  

“Your Majesty, in this Prince’s opinion, the Empress Dowager left willingly. There is almost nobody in this world who can successfully abduct the Empress Dowager.”


Situ Lin was shocked. “Why would she willingly leave? She’s the Empress Dowager!”


“Since the Empress Dowager has her own ideas, this Prince shall go along with her wishes.” He turned to Su Xi-er. “You know how to imitate handwriting?”


Su Xi-er didn’t understand how he knew, but nodded anyway. Indeed, even an expert will have a hard time distinguishing my imitation from the original.


“You should be able to see the Empress Dowager’s handwriting from those.” Pei Qianhao pointed at scrolls of words hung in the main hall. “Write a severance letter in her stead.”


Situ Lin didn’t understand what Pei Qianhao was planning. Why is he having Imperial Aunt imitate the Empress Dowager’s handwriting and write a severance letter instead of searching for her?


Su Xi-er contemplated for a moment before understanding Pei Qianhao’s intention, smiling at him. With his usual overbearing disposition, I didn’t expect for him to also have a knack for playing small tricks.


“There’s no problem. Bring the writing materials.”


Situ Lin forgot everything about displaying the deportment of an emperor. “Ah? Imperial Aunt, what severance letter are you writing?”


“Your Majesty, secretly get some writing materials for your Imperial Aunt.” Pei Qianhao said in his deep voice.


“Imperial Uncle, please wait just a minute!” Situ Lin immediately walked out of the Compassionate Peace Palace to personally fetch the supplies.


With only herself and Pei Qianhao left in the main hall, Su Xi-er told him, “Not only should we write a severance letter today, we should also ask His Majesty to write a letter of gratitude.”


“Letter of gratitude?” Pei Qianhao didn’t understand Su Xi-er’s idea.


“The wedding invitations have already been sent to the monarchs of each country. Since the scale of the wedding is on par with that of an emperor’s, we should have His Majesty write a letter of gratitude thanking his Imperial Uncle for acting like his father. In that case, nobody will be able to spread malicious rumours about you trying to take the throne.”


Pei Qianhao’s status is that of an official working for His Majesty, but once the letter is made public, his status will be akin to that of a ‘father’ instead of purely an official. If Situ Lin himself says that the wedding arrangements are to thank his Imperial Uncle, the court officials wouldn’t dare to object, regardless of how the wedding is carried out.


Rules need to be followed, but emotions can make what are simply inanimate words come alive.


Pei Qianhao embraced her. “That is very clever of you, but…” His arrogant aura exuded from him as he declared in an unyielding manner, “There’s no need for such a thing. So what if the court officials object? Does this Prince have to care about them when it comes to my own wedding? This Prince doesn’t deign to do so.”


Su Xi-er experienced his overbearing character and confidence again. He doesn’t care about others objecting to his actions when it’s something he wants to do.


“Pei Qianhao, you are really unbridled.” She raised his head to look at him, enunciating her words.


He laughed. “It’s a once-in-a-lifetime marriage. How can this Prince not be more unbridled?”


Su Xi-er almost felt her breathing hitch. Once-in-a-lifetime marriage. His arrogant words almost caused her tears to fall.


Only one person in this lifetime. There’s only one wedding, of course he has to be more unbridled!


In the end, Su Xi-er cast a sidelong glance at him. “You said that you didn’t know how to say sweet words in the past, but look at you now; it’s as if your mouth has been coated with honey.”


At this moment, they heard a light cough. There was a mischievous look in Situ Lin’s eyes when they turned around to look at him. “Imperial Uncle, Imperial Aunt, you should pay more attention. I am still a child.”


Situ Lin had brought the writing materials with him, and was now laying them on the table. “Imperial Aunt, you can write now. I have already instructed the imperial guards outside to stop anyone trying to enter the Compassionate Peace Palace. ”

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