“How much longer will it take for the medicine to be done?” Su Xi-er changed the topic. I don’t know exactly what the half-faced man’s goal is, but one thing is for sure  he will stop at nothing. If only I find out what his motives are, things would be much easier.


“At least another hour. I will stay here and watch over it.” Wu Ling replied as he continued fanning the flames. 


“I’ll go to the kitchen to grab something for you to eat.” Su Xi-er left the room without waiting for Wu Ling’s reply.


Wu Ling paused when he processed what she had said. It’s not appropriate to let the future Princess Consort serve me food, right? Will I receive a terrible beating if Prince Hao finds out?


His eyelids twitched, but he could only continue to move the fan in his hands.




Meanwhile, at the Commandery Prince Residence, Xie Yun was sitting in the upper seat in the main hall and looking at the man in black robes.


There was neither confusion nor curiosity in Xie Yun’s eyes. He simply looked at the man calmly. “Honoured guest who has entered the Commandery Prince Residence, please take a seat.” Xie Yun pointed at a seat below.


Shi Mo didn’t sit, but got straight to the point instead. “Tan Ge blocked an arrow for Su Xi-er, resulting in her dropping her suspicions about the former.”


“To think that you already made a move before this Prince could put my plan into action. But this result is exactly what I was aiming for. Tell me, did you deliberately help this Prince because you wish to obtain something?”


“I will abduct the Empress Dowager; Prince Hao cannot proceed with the wedding without her.” Shi Mo calmly said in his hoarse voice.


Xie Yun raised his eyebrow. “This idea is not bad, but this Prince isn’t someone who will easily dance on someone’s palm. What is your goal?”


“Rumours say that Commandery Prince Xie’s smile and gentle demeanour has charmed the people. Now that I have seen you with my own eyes, I can safely say that those rumours are true. As for why I am helping you, I naturally have my own reasons.” Shi Mo slowly walked to Xie Yun’s side and whispered something.


Xie Yun was taken aback, his pupils constricting when he heard the words in his ear. When Shi Mo stepped back, Xie Yun had an incredulous look on his face. He is actually…


“What do you think, Commandery Prince Xie? I don’t have much patience.”


Xie Yun laughed brightly. “Since that’s the case, this Prince shall gladly accept.”


Shi Mo stepped back, the corners of his mouth curling up underneath his black veil. “You are a smart person. This was also the reason I decided to look for you, Commandery Prince.” He then turned on his heel and left without another word.


The smile on Xie Yun’s visage receded, and his eyes shone. I thought he’d be dead after hiding in the Compassionate Peace Palace for many years, but it looks like things are going to get interesting from now on. Pei Qianhao, this Prince looks forward to seeing how you plan to deal with this! The commoners will definitely hope for the Empress Dowager to be found once she goes missing. If you disregard her life to continue with the wedding, many of them will become disillusioned.


It was at this moment that Xie Liuli stepped into the main hall. However, she halted in her tracks when she saw her elder brother’s expression. Elder Brother always wears a smile and acts in a gentle and elegant manner. Why has he become so unfamiliar? Is he still my elder brother?


The moment Xie Yun spotted Xie Liuli, he quickly returned to his normal gentle demeanour. “Liuli, why have you come to the main hall instead of staying in your room?”


Xie Liuli was examining him as she walked closer. “Are you still my elder brother? The Elder Brother I remember would help me pick fruits from trees, find birds nests and eggs with me, and even secretly take me out of the residence to play in the countryside.”

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