“Take good care of Tan Ge. Sigh, this old man will go to meet with Prince Hao.” Grand Tutor Kong flung his sleeves, leaving the Imperial Library with a sorrowful expression.


By the time Su Xi-er returned to the room, she realised that Tan Ge had already woken up. The arrow had missed her heart by several inches, and wouldn’t be fatal.


“I didn’t die.” Tan Ge feebly muttered. Although her life was no longer in danger, she had lost all her strength. It seemed that Tan Ge’s constitution was weaker than Su Xi-er’s.


Su Xi-er set down the bowl of red bean soup and slowly helped Tan Ge sit up. “You managed to wake up in about six hours. You should be able to recover very quickly with nourishment.”


She picked up the bowl of red bean soup, scooping some up with the spoon before gently blowing on it and bringing it to Tan Ge’s lips. “Open your mouth and drink the red bean soup. It helps to nourish the blood.”


Tan Ge didn’t open her mouth, but silently watched Su Xi-er instead. Su Xi-er was smiling in a warm manner. Even after entering the imperial palace, Su Xi-er’s heart is still kind.


Why did I wake up? All I can see is an abyss in front of me when I open my eyes.


“Open your mouth, Tan Ge.” Su Xi-er’s soft voice entered Tan Ge’s ears.


Tan Ge finally opened her mouth and drank the soup. Neither of them spoke, simply going through the motions.


By the time Tan Ge finished the bowl of soup, her complexion was slowly becoming rosier, and she felt some strength returning to her limbs. “Su Xi-er, you shouldn’t have saved me.”


Once I’ve survived, I’m afraid that I can no longer return to the past. One day, my heart may become vicious.


“Tan Ge, you have always been kind. We are friends.”


“Friends?” Tan Ge questioned.


“Mmm, as long as we remain pure and kind, we will forever be friends.” Su Xi-er confirmed as she placed the bowl down.


“Su Xi-er, can you go out? My head is hurting, and I’d like to rest.” Tan Ge lied back down and closed her eyes.


“Alright, I’ll go and check on the medicine.” Su Xi-er walked out, closing the door behind her.


Tan Ge opened her eyes and stared at the ceiling of the bed. However, it only made her nervous. This... is Chao Mu’s room! When she surveyed her surroundings, it felt as if she could see Chao Mu’s smiling visage.


Even when Chao Mu died, she didn’t know who killed her. Tan Ge, how could you have become so evil?


Tan Ge’s fists clenched when she thought about this, her wound throbbing in pain as her heart beat faster. She took a few breaths to calm herself, images of the Tan Family being exiled flashing through her mind.


Commandery Prince Xie was right about one thing; I have to climb up. Only once I can sit in an untouchable position will others be unable to hurt me.


It’s Heaven’s will that I didn’t die this time. Prince Hao, Commandery Prince, you high and mighty people who treat human lives as garbage, I will make you experience suffering and pay one day!


Without realising it, Tan Ge’s eyes had deepened, leaving a trace of wickedness behind.




Wu Ling was still simmering the medicine when Su Xi-er arrived at the boiler room. He was fanning the flames while thinking over what had happened.


He told Su Xi-er, “I found out that the man in black robes had pretty decent fighting skills. I wasn’t his match. This person is extremely dangerous.”


“The man in black was the person who shot the arrow.” Su Xi-er calmly stated with certainty before continuing, “The position that the arrow landed in is similar to the one that struck Prince Hao.”


“I heard from Yuchi Mo that Prince Hao had dispatched a search party for Shu Xian on the night he was injured. Prince Hao then immediately went to the Compassionate Peace Palace, not expecting for someone to be hiding in wait. If not because he started with an ambush, the man in black wouldn’t have been a match for Prince Hao.”

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