Su Xi-er entered the boiler room and immediately added firewood as she stoked the flames. Shortly after, she quickly draped a clean handkerchief over the edge of a basin before pouring the boiling water into it, using some cold water to adjust the temperature.


She then carried the wooden basin to the open room, her expression becoming solemn as she realised that it was Chao Mu’s room.


Imperial Physician Zhao was already done with his preparations, the medicinal herbs in his medical box laid out tidily.


When Su Xi-er entered, he instructed, “Soak the medicinal herbs in the hot water; squeeze out their extracts into a bowl before bringing it over.”


“Alright.” Su Xi-er swiftly followed Imperial Physician Zhao’s instructions, and soon came back with a small bowl in her hands.


At the moment, Imperial Physician Zhao was still removing the arrow from Tan Ge’s body. The only sign of life from her otherwise motionless form was the weak breathing.


When the blood-stained arrow was pulled out, Tan Ge’s brows almost visibly furrowed, prompting Su Xi-er to walk to the bedside and grasp her hand.


Tan Ge’s knitted brows gradually relaxed, and her weak breathing became steadier.


Once the arrow was set down on the table, Imperial Physician Zhao gave some more instructions to Su Xi-er. “Apply the medicine for her, and bandage her wound. I’ll be going out.” Imperial Physician Zhao left the room.


Having seen Pei Qianhao being treated, Su Xi-er could visualise the steps in her head.


She removed Tan Ge’s outer robes before smearing the medicinal paste she had made onto the gauze, wrapping it around the wound.


After Su Xi-er was done, she made sure to tuck her under the quilt. Suddenly, Tan Ge shook her head with a frantic expression despite her eyes remaining closed. “I didn’t harm anyone! It wasn’t me!”


Su Xi-er grabbed her hand and softly comforted her. “You didn’t harm anyone. You didn’t want to kill me. You didn’t kill Chao Mu. Everything is Commandery Prince Xie’s fault. He will receive his comeuppance one day.”


Tan Ge’s expression gradually returned to normal, as if she had heard Su Xi-er’s words.


“Su Xi-er, are you done with the bandage?” Imperial Physician Zhao asked from outside the door.


Su Xi-er replied with an affirmative and asked him to enter. 


“I will go to the Imperial Physician Institute to get some medicine later. She is to drink two bowls of medicine each day. I will also give her some red bean soup to nourish the blood.” Imperial Physician Zhao gave a final set of instructions before leaving with his medical box.


Just as he reached the door, he happened to bump into Wu Ling.


“Commander Wu, follow Imperial Physician Zhao to the Imperial Physician Institute.”


The sight of Tan Ge lying in bed made Wu Ling suddenly wonder. Prince Hao suspects that Tan Ge mistakenly killed Chao Mu while targeting Su Xi-er, yet here she is, lying on the bed after blocking an arrow for her supposed target.


“Quickly.” Su Xi-er urged.


Wu Ling nodded and followed Imperial Physician Zhao.


Su Xi-er also walked out, preparing to head to the kitchen to ask for a bowl of red bean soup.


Grand Tutor Kong had just returned from teaching Situ Lin about penmanship in the Dragon Heaven Palace when he heard that something had happened in the Imperial Library again. He couldn’t help but furrow his brows. What happened? There are only a few people here. Will I be next once everyone else dies?


Su Xi-er came over with a bowl of red bean soup, greeting Grand Tutor Kong when she saw him. “Godfather.”


“This old man plans to go and pray for blessings. It has really not been peaceful in the Imperial Library the past few days,” Grand Tutor Kong seriously declared.

“Godfather, you have to report to Prince Hao and obtain his permission before you can leave the palace to pray for blessings.” However, some things can’t be resolved just by praying. He simply can’t think of anything else to do.

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