Her voice was laced with desolation and hatred. I hate everyone, not just Commandery Prince Xie. I also hate Prince Hao and Su Xi-er! They were the ones who changed me. I was never someone who would scheme against others, but now I have become like this.


Su Xi-er watched Tan Ge’s miserable expression. Someone with that expression usually isn’t lying. Moreover, I can feel the hatred, sorrow, and anger in her heart gushing out like a flood.


“Don’t ever come back to the Imperial Library!” Tan Ge pushed her. Although I bear resentment in my heart, I wouldn’t be able to answer to myself if I continue doing anything against my conscience.


As Su Xi-er’s body had yet to fully recover, she stumbled a few steps back when Tan Ge pushed her.


Suddenly, a fierce arrow flew out from undergrowth, straight towards Su Xi-er’s back.


Always vigilant, Su Xi-er dodged. With her footwork, she could’ve cleanly avoided it.


However, Tan Ge deftly pulled Su Xi-er behind her and used her body to receive the arrow’s impact. The tip lodged itself in her left chest, causing her pupils to constrict. Not having any time to think just now, she had immediately blocked the arrow out of instinct.


Su Xi-er supported her, grabbing her hand. “Tan Ge.”


Tan Ge looked at her in a daze, while a trail of blood trickled down from the corner of her mouth. “I’m sorry, Su Xi-er. I didn’t want to harm you, and I didn’t do that.” Despite smiling, her voice was gradually fading. I’ll be able to break free if I die.


Even though Su Xi-er suspected Tan Ge of poisoning the water, she no longer held her at an arm’s distance. Tan Ge’s originally kind personality is still present; after all, she blocked that arrow without thinking.


“Su Xi-er, I’m not a bad person, right?” Tan Ge squeezed Su Xi-er’s hand and smiled.


“Of course you’re not a bad person. You’re beautiful and talented. You’ll surely meet a good man and have wonderful children in the future. Nothing will happen to you.” Su Xi-er tried to comfort her as she inspected her surroundings. Finding nobody, she simply said, “I’ll take you to the Imperial Physician Institute.”


“Don’t save me. Let me die.” Tan Ge shut her eyes, her breathing weak.


Su Xi-er felt her pulse, and found that it was weak. Wu Ling must be occupied with the person who shot the arrow. How do I take Tan Ge to the Imperial Physician Institute?


As if coming in response to her thoughts, Imperial Physician Zhao suddenly came rushing over with his medicine box. He had come to bring Grand Tutor Kong medicine after hearing that the latter hadn’t been feeling well recently. He hadn’t expected to find Su Xi-er standing over a palace maid who had an arrow in her chest.


Imperial Physician Zhao’s eyelid twitched. Why have there been so many incidents these past few days? Who on earth is so relentlessly pursuing palace maids in the Imperial Library?


Su Xi-er didn’t ask Imperial Physician Zhao about why he was here, and instead immediately requested his assistance. “Imperial Physician Zhao, please quickly take a look at Tan Ge.”


He walked forward with his medical box and squatted down before taking Tan Ge’s pulse as he looked at the arrow. “The arrow missed the heart. There’s still hope for her. Go and boil some water while I help her into a room.”


“Alright.” Su Xi-er immediately went to the boiler room.


While supporting Tan Ge, Imperial Physician Zhao randomly entered a room, unaware that its previous inhabitant was Chao Mu.




Meanwhile, the person who shot the arrow was exchanging moves with Wu Ling in the moods.


The person was dressed in black robes, and his fighting skills were good enough that Wu Ling wasn’t his match after more than 10 rounds.


“Tsk tsk, you need more practice. You’re even worse than people from Nanzhao.” Shi Mo’s voice was hoarse. In a flash, he had already vanished into the woods.


Wu Ling pondered over his words. People from Nanzhao? Is this man related to Nanzhao? Who on earth is this person?

After contemplating for a while, Wu Ling swiftly headed for the Imperial Library. His target is Su Xi-er, but I have failed in my mission. She was put in danger because I didn’t protect her well enough.

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