Right after she closed her eyes, Pei Qianhao opened his. He had wanted nothing more than to have all of her in the past, but now that he had obtained it, he didn’t dare to be careless. I will have to study that medical book properly to ensure that I don’t hurt her ever again.


The reason I hurt her was not only because I had no experience, but also because of the philtre fragrance. I never expected that Pei Yaran would have two bottles and hide one of them. Also, who is the man hiding in the Compassionate Peace Palace?


A subtle glint flickered across Pei Qianhao’s eyes, but it receded when he looked at Su Xi-er again. This Prince will settle everything well. No one can hurt you.


With that, the two fell asleep in each other’s embrace, the chilly evening wind howling outside of the palace hall.


The next morning gave rise to a brilliant sunrise. The servants in the palace were delighted to greet the day when they felt the warmth of the sun on their skin.


Similar to yesterday, Pei Qianhao had breakfast with Su Xi-er before leaving the Dragon Heaven Palace.


Situ Lin only appeared after he saw that Pei Qianhao had left. He cheerily asked, “Imperial Aunt, after you and Imperial Uncle get married, can you come to the Dragon Heaven Palace often?”


Discerning the longing in his eyes, Su Xi-er asked, “Your Majesty, aren’t you scared of Prince Hao?” If I come here often in the future, Pei Qianhao will definitely tag along. Isn’t Situ Lin scared of that?


Situ Lin sighed. “Of course, I’ll be scared, but I’m more scared of being lonely. It is already winter, and the weather is getting colder and colder. Imperial Aunt, if you stay in the Prince Hao Residence all day long, Imperial Uncle will surely do the same. At that time, I’ll be left alone in the Dragon Heaven Palace.” He sighed.


“Don’t furrow your brows. You look like an old man in a child’s body.” Su Xi-er suddenly teased.


When Situ Lin saw her smiling, he immediately urged, “Come visit the palace often in the future, alright?”


Giving in to his pleas, Su Xi-er nodded in agreement. “Alright, but Your Majesty should be practising writing with Grand Tutor Kong right now.”


Originally smiling in joy, Situ Lin’s spirits were crushed when he heard her reminder. “Fine, Grand Tutor Kong is coming soon. I’ll go back to the main hall to wait for him.”


After watching Situ Lin leave, Su Xi-er walked out of the Dragon Heaven Palace, heading for the Imperial Library with Wu Ling trailing behind.


With Wu Ling following her around, the palace maids and eunuchs naturally gave a wide berth to Su Xi-er, and respectfully bowed as she passed on the palace path.


Even though some of the palace maids didn’t greet her, their bowing appearance was enough to show their respect.


The palace maid who Su Xi-er splashed with well water could only suppress her grievances and bend her knees as she watched Su Xi-er walk past.


All the while, Su Xi-er remained composed with her eyes kept on the road in front of her. Once she and Wu Ling disappeared from the palace path, an uproar broke out.


“Commander Wu is actually following behind Su Xi-er!”


“She is the future Princess Consort Hao. Prince Hao will definitely dispatch a capable person to protect her.”


“I’m so envious of her. She rose from the Palace Side Quarters, and is now going to become Princess Consort Hao.”


“We don’t have such fortune. Look at her beauty and talent. Which man wouldn’t like her? No wonder Prince Hao could even give up Commandery Princess Xie.”


Praises for Su Xi-er filled the atmosphere.


Soon, Su Xi-er entered the Imperial Library while Wu Ling tactfully hid himself.


She was able to spot Tan Ge sweeping the courtyard with just a glance. With Chao Mu missing, her figure seemed especially lonely.

Tan Ge had many things weighing on her mind. I used to sweep this path together with Chao Mu in the past. But now, Chao Mu is no longer around, leaving me alone here.

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