“Are you going to the Imperial Library tomorrow?” Pei Qianhao asked as he stroked her hair.


Su Xi-er nodded. “Imperial Physician Zhao’s prescription is very good, and has allowed for a speedy recovery. The Imperial Library lacks manpower. Not only am I a court lady there, I am also Grand Tutor Kong’s goddaughter.”


“Wu Ling will go with you tomorrow.” Pei Qianhao said as he supported Su Xi-er. “Lie down and rest. Leave the strange actions until your body has fully recovered. You can do whatever you want then.”


‘Strange actions’ were naturally in reference to her stretches just now.


Su Xi-er didn’t try to defend herself, and instead lied down in the bed. However, the sight of Pei Qianhao suddenly removing his outer clothes caused her to involuntarily turn away.


A chuckle escaped from Pei Qianhao’s lips. Immediately after, a tall body pressed down on Su Xi-er, though he was careful to consider her injury.


The bandage over his chest was vaguely visible through his thin undershirt. Su Xi-er’s eyebrows furrowed as she slipped her hand out from beneath the quilt and patted his shoulder. “Isn’t it cold outside the quilt?”


Her voice was laced with reproach.


On the other hand, Pei Qianhao’s eyes were filled with playfulness as he lifted the quilt and darted beneath it, his hands quickly winding themselves around Su Xi-er’s waist.


The feeling of her soft body and womanly fragrance made him unable to resist burying his head in the crook of her neck.


Only when the woman in his arms pushed him away did he raise his head, his eyes sparkling as he seductively gazed at her. “You should have just directly told this Prince that you want me to sleep with you. Why do you have to be so roundabout and say that it’s cold outside the quilt?”


His words only served to help Su Xi-er confirm that he had indeed become increasingly shameless ever since that night in the book depository. Men will usually take room concubine servants when they turn 16. By the time they’re 18, they will have long since been used to lovemaking. But Pei Qianhao is already 25. Could it be that...


Her expression was puzzled.


“You can just directly ask me anything you want. This Prince doesn’t like to beat about the bush.”


Since he’s given the green light, I shall get straight to the point. “Have you made love with women in the past?”


Even Pei Qianhao’s never-changing expression couldn’t help but freeze when he heard the question. Why did she ask me that? He suddenly remembered something that he had read in the book: If a woman asked that sort of question, it implied that she was dissatisfied with his performance in bed.


Pei Qianhao immediately felt as if he understood why she had asked the question when he recalled her injury. My performance must have been very dissatisfactory to her.


I don’t have any experience in this aspect, so it was inevitable that I couldn’t control my strength. How should I answer this question? The fearless Pei Qianhao felt himself hopelessly unprepared for the first time in his life.


Receiving no response from him, Su Xi-er continued. “You should have had room concubine servants when you were 16. Now that you’re 25...”


Pei Qianhao replied, “According to the rules, 16-year-old males should be having room concubine servants. However, why must this Prince follow such rules?”


That is to say, he’s never done such a thing before. It was the first time for both of us.


Su Xi-er was surprised. Who would have thought that the famously promiscuous Prince Hao is actually a virgin?


If Pei Qianhao had heard Su Xi-er’s thoughts, his face would definitely have darkened. That said, he still tapped her gently on the forehead when he caught the dazed look in her eyes. “You even found out something like that about this Prince. Quickly rest.” He cuddled Su Xi-er and closed his eyes.


Su Xi-er stared at him, only closing her eyes after a long time.

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