“We haven’t gotten married yet, so I’m still just a maidservant. You can spare the formalities. I’m not used to them.”


Wu Ling immediately shook his head. “The wedding is in a few days, and you becoming Princess Consort Hao is already set in stone. This subordinate is just practising in advance since I am so used to addressing you by name. If Prince Hao finds out that this subordinate can’t even change my form of address, wouldn’t he beat me to death?”


“How can Prince Hao beat you to death when you are so capable? Report to him that I will be going to the Imperial Library tomorrow. Imperial Physician Zhao’s prescription is very good; I have almost recovered.”


“Princess Consort, how can you return to the Imperial Library? You must stay in the Dragon Heaven Palace.” Wu Ling became stern.


“It’s fine. The Imperial Library lacks manpower, so I am going back to do some light work. Now that Grand Tutor Kong is my godfather, I have to show some filial piety on the surface.” Su Xi-er’s tone was firm.


Wu Ling understood that he wouldn’t be able to stop Su Xi-er. He also agreed that she had to at least put on the show of being a proper goddaughter. Without this presentable status, it would be very hard for Su Xi-er to become Princess Consort Hao.


Right now, many court officials are suppressed by Prince Hao, and they don’t dare to object when they hear of Su Xi-er’s other status. Even Commandery Prince Xie and Lord Pei are staying very quiet now.


“This subordinate will accompany you there tomorrow.”


Su Xi-er nodded. “Alright, you may withdraw. I want to rest now.”


“This subordinate shall take my leave.” Wu Ling bowed and turned to leave the side hall.


After Su Xi-er was done with washing up, she purposefully stretched her legs on the bed, and found that it was no longer painful to do so. Imperial Physician Zhao’s medicine is really not bad.


When she thought of that night, the tips of her ears turned red. He used so much strength that it’s no wonder that this body can’t take it. But once the two of us get married, there’s sure to be more of the same. If I don’t improve my body’s constitution, we’ll end up in the same situation.


Su Xi-er sat up and started massaging her legs. An hour later, she lied down and began to perform some exercise. The movement was similar to a soldier crawling forward, and was meant to increase the toughness and elasticity of one’s legs.


As her body had yet to fully recover, she had to take her time, since doing it any faster might cause the wound to tear open again.


She continued with her leg exercises while slowly chanting the same phrase they used in the army barracks. “One two, one two.”


Unbeknownst to her, a tall figure had already entered the inner chamber of the side hall, his eyes twitching as he saw Su Xi-er’s appearance.


His gaze deepened as he took a few steps closer.


When Su Xi-er heard the sound of footsteps, she immediately stopped and threw the quilt over herself. Wasn’t he not coming back? Why is he suddenly here now?!


“This Prince has a whole new level of respect for you again. Your body has yet to recover, yet you are doing this movement to tempt this Prince.” Pei Qianhao deeply stared at her as he sat at the bedside.


“How would I know that you would suddenly come back? Where did you go, and what did you do today?” Su Xi-er simply changed the topic.


Spotting her flushed ears, he knew that she was embarrassed. He deliberately hooked his arm over her shoulder and inched his head closer to her, his warm breath brushing against her cheeks. “Where did you learn this movement from? Even the phrase you were chanting is exactly the same as the one we use when training the soldiers in the army barracks.”


Seeing that he was still hung up on the same topic, she replied, “Play scripts.”


“You learn a surprising amount of things from play scripts.”


Su Xi-er softly harrumphed. “Of course, play scripts are also books that people can learn from. People should read more books.”


“They should indeed.” Pei Qianhao jocosely smiled. He had already obtained the book he wanted from Imperial Physician Zhao.


This book is pretty good. It even goes into detail about certain points and movements during lovemaking. It is valuable.


Although Su Xi-er didn’t know what he was thinking about, his strange tone and expression made her suspicious.

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