Su Xi-er caught Grand Tutor Kong’s troubled expression. He personally selected and raised Shu Xian since the latter was a young boy. I wouldn’t be surprised if Grand Tutor Kong considered him to be the son that he never had. Now, the originally already barren Imperial Library has become even more deserted.


She couldn’t help but say, “I will make a trip back to the Imperial Library tomorrow. The books haven’t been dried in the past few days because of the wind, but can do so tomorrow if it’s sunny.”


“No, Prince Hao has ordered that you must stay in the Dragon Heaven Palace.” Grand Tutor Kong immediately rejected the idea. He had only come here to inform her that Tan Ge had returned to the Imperial Library.


Su Xi-er slyly smiled. “I’ll sneak over to the Imperial Library during the day and return before nightfall.”


The lacking manpower in the Imperial Library was one of the reasons for her decision, but more importantly, she planned to sound out Tan Ge.


Aware that she had made up her mind, Grand Tutor Kong no longer tried to stop her. After giving her a few words of advice, he left the side hall and headed for the Imperial Library.


Although it was supposed to be reserved for Pei Qianhao, Su Xi-er sat on the upper seat in the side hall. It was quite soft and comfortable, somewhat relieving the pain that she felt since yesterday.


At this moment, a palace maid carrying a bowl of medicine entered the hall. “Miss, it is time for you to drink your medicine.”


Extremely grateful to Su Xi-er for speaking up for her yesterday, the palace maid carrying the medicine took extra care while looking after Su Xi-er.


Su Xi-er nodded and took the bowl of medicine. When she noticed that there were a few candied jujubes on the tray, she smiled. “You’re quite attentive. I see that you have brought some candied jujubes over.”


The palace maid was embarrassed. “It was Prince Hao who instructed this servant to bring them over, Miss.”


“Oh?” Su Xi-er’s tone went up. Looking outside the side hall, she saw that there was not a single person in sight in the courtyard, leaving only the rustling sound of tree leaves in the night breeze.


Su Xi-er raised her head to finish drinking the medicine before throwing a few of the candied jujubes in her mouth, allowing their sweetness to overtake the bitter flavour of the medicine.


“When did Prince Hao tell you?” She constantly stared outside as she asked.


“He personally instructed this servant before he left this morning.”


Su Xi-er nodded, and waved her hand. “Return to your room to rest. You don’t have to keep vigil for the whole night.”


“That won’t do. This servant must guard outside the inner chamber of the side hall. Miss, if there is anything you need, you can call this servant anytime.” The palace maid shivered lightly in fear.


Su Xi-er saw her reaction, and understood that Pei Qianhao had given an order. At the same time, this was enough to tell her that he wouldn’t be returning to the Dragon Heaven Palace tonight.


“Tell Commander Wu to come in. I have something to ask him.”


The palace maid immediately took the empty bowl and tray with her as she walked out of the side hall and called for Wu Ling.


However, Wu Ling was slightly taken aback when he saw Su Xi-er sitting in the upper seat. Since Prince Hao is going to get married soon anyways, why don’t I start calling Su Xi-er ‘Princess Consort’ now?


“What is Prince Hao busy with today?”


Wu Ling’s heartbeat quickened. The Princess Consort wants me to report Prince Hao’s whereabouts. Isn’t this controlling…too strictly? Even then, it’s not like I’m aware of his location all the time!


“Replying to Princess Consort, this subordinate has been watching over you in the Dragon Heaven Palace for the whole day. I don’t know what Prince Hao is doing.”


Wu Ling’s form of address didn’t escape Su Xi-er’s ears.

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