“He only suspects it, but this Prince understands him very well. Even based on a suspicion, he will eliminate all possible threats. To protect Su Xi-er, he is capable of doing anything, much less exterminating the Tan Residence.”


Xie Yun paused, and raised his right hand to comb the hair beside Tan Ge’s cheek. “Sealing off the Tan Residence’s estate and feudal lands, then banishing them from the capital; from what I know of Prince Hao’s personality, this can be considered a light punishment.”


Tan Ge raised her hand, fiercely slapping Xie Yun’s hand away as she glared at him. “It’s all because of you! If you hadn’t forced me to make a move, Prince Hao wouldn’t have suspected me, and the Tan Residence wouldn’t have met with its current fate!”


“Is that so? If it wasn’t for this Prince, the Tan Residence would have had to sell off their estate a long time ago.”


Tan Ge shook her head. “No way! Prince Hao owes the Tan Residence a favour, Even if he  seized the estate, he wouldn’t send its people into exile.” Tan Ge suddenly closed her mouth and cautiously looked at Xie Yun.


“What favour? Tan Ge, you really know a lot of things.” Xie Yun grabbed her wrist and exerted some strength.


Kerchak! Tan Ge’s wrist was dislocated, causing her face to turn pallid from the pain.


“You know what pain is?” The corner of Xie Yun’s smile raised into a smile as he moved his hand again.


Kerchak! This time, the dislocated wrist had been popped back to its original position.


The two consecutive bolts of pain resulted in Tan Ge involuntarily widening her eyes and biting her lips until they bled.


“Tan Ge, do you wish to return to the Imperial Library and take revenge for the Tan Residence?” Xie Yun was smiling, but his tone was clearly threatening.


“Everyone suspects me. I can’t go back to the Imperial Library.”


“You just need to say that the man in black robes abducted you,” Xie Yun slowly stated.


Tan Ge was taken aback. Where did the man in black robes come from?


“Do you hate this Prince? Perhaps you desperately wish to kill me?” Xie Yun leaned forward with a piercing gaze.


Tan Ge glared at him. I would kill him right now if it was possible! It’s all his fault that I’m now like this!


Xie Yun suddenly hooked an arm around her slender waist and took her into his arms. His warm lips landed on her forehead, making her feel disgusted.


“Even if you hate this Prince and wish to kill me, you still need to have the power to do so first. Go back to the Imperial Library again and fight for what you want. Nobody can harm you when you have power. You can punish Prince Hao for banishing the Tan Family, and you can kill this Prince for pushing you into the abyss.” Xie Yun slowly said with a smile.


Tan Ge’s body stiffened. He is clearly mocking me, but he isn’t wrong. My current situation is because I’m too weak to stand up to anyone. If I can one day obtain power, I can kill anybody who has hurt me!


All of a sudden, she thought of Cui-er, and began struggling in Xie Yun’s embrace. “Cui-er!”


Xie Yun stopped her. “This Prince has already sent Cui-er to a secret location, and will keep her safe and sound. However, she may make a trip to the brothel if you aren’t obedient.”




“Tan Ge, you have to obtain power as soon as possible. As for how you can achieve that, this Prince doesn’t think you need me to tell you.” He let go of her.


Tan Ge immediately quieted down, blanketing the horse carriage in silence. Only after a long while did she declare, “Commandery Prince Xie, I am returning to the Imperial Library.”


“Only a woman who understands her situation is smart. This Prince will arrange for someone to secretly send you into the palace.” Xie Yun gently said. A moment later, the horse carriage began moving forward.


Many commoners were discussing the subject of Princess Consort Hao at this time. Even when night fell, their conversations simply moved to the teahouses and restaurants.


Su Xi-er was in the Dragon Heaven Palace when Grand Tutor Kong informed her that Tan Ge had returned.


“Grand Tutor Kong, you mean that Tan Ge has suddenly returned after going missing? Where did she go?”


“She said that she was abducted by a man in black robes. A medicinal powder was poured on her left arm, ruining the patch of skin in that area.”


Su Xi-er was baffled. Why would she return then?”


“She was saved by Commandery Prince Xie, who then sent her back to the Imperial Library. I will bring medicinal herbs from the Imperial Physician Institute for her to recover. At this point, the Imperial Library can’t afford to lose anyone else. You, Chao Mu, and Shu Xian have all departed, leaving only Xiao Yuanzi to do everything.” Grand Tutor Kong couldn’t help but sigh.

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