Su Xi-er raised her head and slowly spoke a sentence that would have been viewed as being extremely bold.


“Then, Third Imperial Prince, are you interested in this servant?”


Situ Li looked at her for a long time with no expression on his face. “I have no interest in you at all. If you die, the most I’ll feel is that it was a pity that a person with roughly the same circumstances as me had died.”


Su Xi-er looked at him, thinking to herself. He has always said that he and I are fellow travellers on the same path. How can a lowly servant be in roughly the same circumstances as the Third Imperial Prince? In any case, a lean camel is bigger than a horse.

This was what she thought in her heart but she didn’t voice them out.


The deafening silence was prolonged for a few moments before the sound of footsteps interrupted them. Situ Li didn’t say another word before darting into the woods.


Looking in the direction of the sound, Su Xi-er found that Old Maidservant Liu was limping more severely as she was hurrying over.


She stopped in front of Su Xi-er and said in a low voice, “Go with me tonight to where Eunuch Zhang is. I will instruct someone to scrub the chamber pots here.”


Su Xi-er nodded, taking a glance at the woods before leaving with Old Maidservant Liu.


As the two people began to disappear into the distance, Situ Li came out from the woods and looked at Su Xi-er’s departing figure. Old Maidservant Liu has always kept her thoughts deeply hidden and never told anyone about the load on her mind. Why would she be so close to Su Xi-er? She is really charismatic.


Old Maidservant Liu stealthily took Su Xi-er to leave the Palace Side Quarters and walk to the Imperial Household Department.


In a slightly spacious room located at the backyard of the Imperial Household Department, Su Xi-er saw Eunuch Zhang. His hair was already grizzled, and his eyes were deeply sunk in his sockets. The incisive looks revealed in his eyes from time to time made her feel that this person wasn’t simple.


Eunuch Zhang looked at Old Maidservant Liu. “Go back to the Palace Side Quarters. I’ll let her go back after saying a few words.”


Old Maidservant Liu nodded and left.


In the room, Eunuch Zhang kept sizing up Su Xi-er and only spoke after a while. “I heard from Old Maidservant Liu that you are very formidable?”


Su Xi-er looked straight at him. “You flatter me.”


Eunuch Zhang decided to not mince his words. “Old Maidservant Liu is the reigning emperor’s wet nurse and serves her master wholeheartedly. You should be clear on what she wants to do.”


Su Xi-er had long surmised that, since the emperor was young, the court politics would be dominated by the Empress Dowager, Prince Regent, and County Prince Xie. How can Old Maidservant Liu bear to see His Majesty become a puppet?


When she thought of the word ‘puppet’, her expression changed slightly. Her imperial younger brother she doted on the most, Ning Lianchen, was controlled by Yun Ruofeng. He’s probably a puppet emperor now right?


Eunuch Zhang coughed softly and continued. “You have the courage to approach Prince Hao, suggesting that you’re not an ordinary person. It’s just that I am not as easily convinced as Old Maidservant Liu”


Su Xi-er showed a smile on her face. “Eunuch Zhang, how can I persuade you?”


“An interesting lass. Ruo Yuan has been transferred to the Laundry Service Bureau by Prince Hao. Regardless of what means you employ, if you are able to rely on yourself to have Ruo Yuan transferred back to the Palace Side Quarters while retreating unscathed yourself, then I will believe you.” Eunuch Zhang was also taking a gamble.


He was like Old Maidservant Liu and had received favours from the emperor’s biological mother. As a result, he could now be considered to be a cut above the other servants. It could be said that it was time for him to repay her favour.


Su Xi-er looked straight at him. “Alright, it’s a deal then. However, before that, I have to ask, where is the exact location of the Laundry Service Bureau?”


“Keep walking ahead towards the southwest corner of the Palace Side Quarters, or walk to the northeast corner of the Imperial Household Department.”


“Alright Eunuch Zhang, remember your words tonight. If I am able to do it, you will let yourself be used by me with absolutely no complaints.”


Eunuch Zhang nodded. “I always mean what I say. Now, go back earlier and don’t let anyone discover you.”


Su Xi-er nodded and turned around to leave swiftly.

As Eunuch Zhang looked at the closed room door, the expression in his eyes gradually becoming profound. Among the countless beauties in Beimin, Su Xi-er is the only one who has caught Prince Hao’s interest. As long as she has the ability, so what if I am used by her?

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