Both of them were still injured, but their interaction was warm and playful. If others had seen Pei Qianhao right now, their eyes would have fallen out of their sockets from shock.


Afterwards, the two washed up and embraced each other as they slept. Only when dawn broke did they order the palace maids to change the bedsheets and quilt.


Pei Qianhao ate breakfast with Su Xi-er, after which the imperial physician came over to rebandage his arrow wound. Later, he made sure Su Xi-er finished her bowl of medicine before he left the Dragon Heaven Palace to handle some important matters.


Situ Lin had already been waiting for an opportunity, and immediately entered the side hall as soon as he saw his Imperial Uncle leave.


“Imperial Aunt, did you sleep well last night? Do you still want to drink red bean soup? I can instruct someone to make it!”


Looking at Situ Lin smiling, Su Xi-er also couldn’t help but do the same. “I had a good night’s sleep, and after finishing breakfast and my medicine, I don’t think I can stomach a bowl of red bean soup right now. I appreciate Your Majesty’s kind intentions..”


“You don’t have to be so polite! You’re going to be my Imperial Aunt soon!” Situ Lin grabbed Su Xi-er’s hand. No wonder Imperial Uncle likes to touch her hand so much. It’s actually so smooth and soft!


The more Situ Lin stroked it, the more it felt like he was massaging her hand. Su Xi-er didn’t stop him, as she was reminded of the young Ning Lianchen. Whenever it was winter, he would tell me, “Imperial Elder Sister, my hands are warm, let me warm yours up.”


While Situ Lin was cheerfully touching her hand, a sudden chill running down his spine had him releasing his grip. Upon turning around, he breathed a sigh of relief upon learning that it was just Wu Ling.


“Why do you make no sound when walking? You didn’t even notify this Emperor in advance. Are you planning to scare this Emperor to death?” Situ Lin became solemn as he put on the disposition of an emperor.


Wu Ling bowed and respectfully reported, “This subordinate has come to the Dragon Heaven Palace under Prince Hao’s verbal edict to guard Miss Xi-er.”


Guard? Situ Lin’s eyelid twitched. “Let this Emperor ask you very seriously. Will you tell Prince Hao what you saw just now?”


“Prince Hao also gave another verbal edict. While this subordinate is guarding Miss Xi-er, I also have to report to Prince Hao whether Your Majesty is diligently studying and learning how to govern the country.”


Situ Lin’s expression changed. If that’s the case, Wu Ling will definitely inform Imperial Uncle. Hence, he cast a pleading look to Su Xi-er.


However, Su Xi-er wasn’t completely on Situ Lin’s side this time. “Your Majesty should indeed become more diligent so that you can learn to bring peace and stability to the nation. After all, Beimin’s future lies in your hands. Prince Hao may be able to support you now, but he will be resigning as a meritorious official once you come of age.”


Situ Lin’s expression became grave upon hearing that. Even when I turn 18, I won’t be able to stabilise my position in court without Imperial Uncle’s support! Governing the country requires exceptional resolution and charisma. I won’t be able to do it without Imperial Uncle!


Situ Lin became anxious, quietly shuffling to the exit of the side hall. Before he left, he made sure to tell Wu Lin, “Don’t tell Imperial Uncle that this Emperor came to the side hall. This Emperor will be industrious.”


Wu Ling helplessly smiled. Although Prince Hao is strict towards His Majesty, he will always ensure that he can sincerely support His Majesty in his endeavours.


“Wu Ling, you’re a high-ranked commander, yet you’ve been dispatched to guard over a woman. It’s really like using a sledgehammer to crack a nut.” Su Xi-er joked in a gentle tone.


“How can this be considered using a sledgehammer to crack a nut? You are the future Princess Consort Hao. As long as you are safe and sound, Prince Hao will be happier, and can finish his work without worries. He can then swiftly deal with his enemies; whether there is one Commandery Prince Xie or ten of them will not make a difference.” Wu Ling spoke quickly, but was respectful.

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