Su Xi-er tried to get off the bed, but immediately squirmed back under the quilt after remembering that she was wearing nothing on the lower part of her body. To think that I was injured because of sleeping with Pei Qianhao for the first time. Should I say that lovemaking is scary, or that my body is just too weak?


Su Xi-er sighed and lied back on the bed. Without her pants, she wasn’t able to go anywhere.


It was unclear how much time had passed before she heard a palace maid’s voice from outside the door. “Miss, this servant has brought the clothes.”


Su Xi-er sat up in bed and leaned against the bed pillar. “Come in.”


A palace maid pushed the door open before closing it behind her and holding the clothes in her hands out with a smile. 


“Miss, here are the clean clothes.”


Su Xi-er thanked her, and reached out to take them. When she touched the dull-coloured clothing, she found that it was made of high-quality silk.


“Miss, this servant will be stationed outside of the side hall. Please feel free to find me when you need anything.” The palace maid then bowed and retreated from the room, closing the door again.


Su Xi-er got up from the bed and began changing. After drinking the red bean soup, her stomach was feeling warm. The area between her legs also didn’t feel as painful, and she regained some strength in her limbs.


A moment later, Su Xi-er had finished changing into the new set of clothes. Smoothing out any wrinkles, she then combed her hair before tying it into a bun. Once she was done freshening up, she headed for the outer chamber.


Her footsteps were very light, and it took some time for the palace maid standing outside to realise what was happening. She immediately went forward to stop Su Xi-er.


“Just wait here. I’m going out for some fresh air.” Su Xi-er continued walking to the outer chamber.


Before entering the outer chamber, she heard Grand Tutor Kong’s voice.


“The Imperial Library is very unsafe. Chao Mu has died, and Shu Xian has disappeared while taking her body along with him. Tan Ge has also gone missing, leaving only a blood-stained hairpin in her room.” Grand Tutor Kong passed the hairpin to Pei Qianhao.


Pei Qianhao took it and carefully examined it. “This hairpin has lost its lustre, so it must be quite old. It is most likely something that it’s owner always carried around; perhaps a keepsake from her mother. Since the blood on the hairpin is fresh, it’s likely that someone had snuck into the Imperial Library.”


“This humble subject is of the same mind. It’s a trivial matter to have a missing palace maid, but for so many to go missing in succession is another matter. Even you were injured by tonight’s events, making this humble subject think that this is no longer a small matter. Prince Hao, please make a decision as soon as possible..”


Pei Qianhao passed the hairpin back to Grand Tutor Kong. “Personally send it to the hands of the head of the Tan Residence.”


Grand Tutor Kong was perplexed. “You mean to directly pass it to Patriarch Tan without saying anything?”


“Bring this Prince’s verbal edict: Hope that the Tan Residence Head can think carefully before acting.”


Grand Tutor Kong grew increasingly baffled. It is the daughter of the Tan Residence that has gone missing from the palace. Wouldn’t they be worried that she’s met with misfortune? Why does Prince Hao want to remind them to think before they act?


“Quickly get to it,” Pei Qianhao coldly instructed.


Grand Tutor Kong stowed away the puzzlement in his eyes and walked outside of the side hall. When he caught sight of Su Xi-er, he couldn’t help but say, “It’s windy outside; quickly go in. Take care of your body.”


Immediately after he said so, Grand Tutor Kong saw a tall figure swiftly coming out and stopping in front of Su Xi-er. Said figure immediately removed his large outer robes and threw them over Su Xi-er’s shoulders.


The extent to which Prince Hao dotes on Su Xi-er is really astonishing.


Grand Tutor Kong no longer spoke, but simply left the Dragon Heaven Palace. I won’t be able to sleep tonight. I have to hurry to the Tan Residence and pass the hairpin to Patriarch Tan.


Despite agreeing to carry out the order, he was still confused as to why Pei Qianhao wanted him to bring such a message to the Tan Residence when it was Tan Ge who had gone missing.

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