While Situ Lin was secretly grinning to himself, he suddenly heard a cold voice. “Go out.”


Caught in the act, Situ Lin jolted back to his senses. However, when he saw Su Xi-er’s gentle countenance, he went forward and began calling her ‘Imperial Aunt’ in a sweet and child-like manner.


Su Xi-er was once again reminded of Ning Lianchen when he was a child. He also whined like a spoiled child as he clung onto me and sweetly called me Imperial Elder Sister.


Her expression grew increasingly gentle upon thinking about Ning Lianchen. Thinking that his plan had worked, Situ Lin ignored Pei Qianhao’s darkened expression as he walked to the bedside and grasped Su Xi-er’s hand.


“Imperial Aunt, your complexion doesn’t look good. I kept watch as the cook from the Imperial Kitchen prepared this bowl of red bean soup. It’s sweet and tasty.”


Su Xi-er smiled, her voice overflowing with gentleness. “It’s indeed very sweet and delicious. Many thanks, Your Majesty.”


Only then did she realise that a certain someone’s expression had become foul. He can’t possibly be jealous of Situ Lin too, right? He’s still a child, and doesn’t understand anything.


Seeing Su Xi-er’s smiling visage, Situ Lin felt his heart enveloped with warmth, like his body was melting along with it. He subconsciously patted Pei Qianhao’s shoulder and cheerily remarked, “Imperial Uncle, I have never seen you treat any other woman like this before. It’s my first time seeing you feeding someone…”


Before he could finish speaking, he felt himself being hoisted off the ground by his collar.


An imploring look appeared in his eyes. “Imperial Uncle, please put me down.”


With his left hand still holding the bowl of red bean soup, he stated, “This Prince is going to throw you out.” He prepared to head towards the door.


Situ Lin was unrelenting, casting a pleading look to Su Xi-er. “Imperial Aunt, save me!”


“Let him down. Have you forgotten that you shouldn’t be making large movements with your injury?” Su Xi-er’s voice contained a trace of sternness, like a wife controlling her husband.


Noticing her displeasure, Pei Qianhao took another look at Situ Lin’s pouting mouth before finally loosening his grip.


“Your Majesty, you are the Emperor of Beimin. Pouting is inappropriate.” Pei Qianhao returned to his position by the bed and continued feeding Su Xi-er the red bean soup.


Situ Lin’s expression immediately returned to normal. “I couldn’t help but pout when I saw Imperial Aunt’s beauty.” He casually found an excuse. I can’t go wrong if I side with Imperial Aunt!


Pei Qianhao turned around to glance at him. “If you talk too much again, I’ll throw you out.”


Situ Lin immediately zipped his mouth and gave Su Xi-er a fawning look. When Su Xi-er saw his adorable appearance, a smile lit up her face.


Suddenly, Pei Qianhao realised that this could be a good thing. Perhaps His Majesty would be able to keep Su Xi-er happy while she is still feeling weak.


Of course, neither of them knew that Situ Lin’s current behaviour was reminding Su Xi-er of Ning Lianchen’s carefree childhood days. I wonder how Lianchen is doing. He has probably received the letter, right? Is he preparing to hurry to Beimin?


Upon this thought, Su Xi-er asked, “Prince Hao, when will the wedding invitations be delivered to the various countries?”


Pei Qianhao was greatly pleased when he saw that she was still concerned about the wedding, despite her injury. “Tomorrow. And we’ll be holding the wedding in seven days.”


Situ Lin clapped and cheered. “Great, I like watching weddings the most! They’re so lively!”


“Your Majesty, an emperor should keep a proper bearing. You shouldn’t be wearing your emotions on your sleeve.” Pei Qianhao gave him a harsh look, prompting Situ Lin to shut his mouth again.

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