“Say it.”


Hearing Pei Qianhao’s cold voice, Imperial Physician Zhao blurted out, “She engaged in intense lovemaking, and afterwards, overexerted herself by making large movements, thus tearing her wound open and causing her to become weak.”


Pei Qianhao knew where the wound was without Imperial Physician Zhao saying it.


“Prince Hao, most women won’t be able to endure it under your strength. No matter how much you like her, you should still restrain yourself a little.” Imperial Physician Zhao gingerly advised while he observed Pei Qianhao’s expression, afraid that he would anger the latter if he spoke too much.


But Pei Qianhao’s reply was out of Imperial Physician Zhao’s expectations.


“This Prince will take note of it in the future. Go and find a medical book related to this matter for this Prince.”


Imperial Physician Zhao’s expression froze. What? He wants a book about lovemaking?!


“Write a prescription. What kind of medicinal herbs do you need for regulating blood circulation and treating wounds?” Pei Qianhao’s tone was calm and without any trace of embarrassment.


Imperial Physician Zhao’s expression returned to normal. “The medicinal herbs cannot be externally applied; they can only be orally ingested to treat her from the inside. She also cannot engage in lovemaking during this period of time.”


“How many days?”


“At least 10 days.”


Pei Qianhao nodded, but his thoughts trailed somewhere else. Our wedding is in seven days. That is to say, on our nuptial night…


“Prince Hao, this humble subject will write a prescription and have a pharmacist apprentice prepare it. Where should I send the medicine once it is done?”


“The Dragon Heaven Palace.” Pei Qianhao slowly replied before walking back to the bed, properly tucking Su Xi-er under the quilt.


Imperial Physician Zhao’s body stiffened again for a moment. “This humble subject will go right away, and will bring you the book as soon as I can.” He then swiftly picked up his medical box and left the side hall.


Su Xi-er was really a legend in Imperial Physician Zhao’s eyes. She was originally a maidservant working in the Palace Side Quarters and Laundry Service Bureau. She then became a court lady, and has now even entered the side hall of the Dragon Heaven Palace, a place reserved solely for Prince Hao!


If we consider that her future identity will be that of Princess Consort Hao, she’s really a legend! Su Xi-er will definitely go down in the annals of Beimin!


Pei Qianhao continued sitting by the bed and quietly watched Su Xi-er for four hours.


This was the sight that greeted Situ Lin when he carried the soup in. He had brought it himself instead of having a palace maid or eunuch bring it over because he knew that his Imperial Uncle didn’t like being disturbed. This went double for when Su Xi-er was resting. 


“Imperial Uncle, two bowls of soup. One bowl of red bean soup, and one bowl of White Fungus Lotus Seed soup.[1]” Situ Lin placed the tray on the table.


Pei Qianhao nodded. “Many thanks, Your Majesty!”


Situ Lin’s eyes widened. Imperial Uncle actually thanked me!


“Imperial Uncle, why are you so polite? Quickly drink it.” Only after he said that did he realise that Su Xi-er hadn’t made a single sound, causing his heart to skip a beat. Did she pass out?


“Imperial Uncle, what happened to Imperial Aunt?” Right after he spoke, Su Xi-er stirred, gradually waking up. After dealing with so many things, she had finally fainted from the pain after confirming that Pei Qianhao was safe.


Now that she was awake, she felt weak all over.


Situ Lin pointed to the red bean soup. “Drink this, the red bean soup is sweet.”


Pei Qianhao picked up the bowl of red bean soup before bringing it back to the bedside. With the bowl in one hand, he used his other to support Su Xi-er into a sitting position. After gently blowing on the soup, he held the spoon to her mouth.


Su Xi-er slightly opened her mouth and slowly drank it.


Situ Lin’s eyes were shining as he silently watched this scene from the side. So it turns out that my cold Imperial Uncle still has such a gentle side to him! He instantly felt that the room was suffused with warmth.


Regardless of how overbearing and tough a man is, when he meets a person he likes, all his toughness will dissipate.

Situ Lin inwardly grinned to himself. I now have a way to deal with Imperial Uncle in the future. From now on, I’ll exhaust all my cleverness to curry favour with Imperial Aunt! Then, she can control Imperial Uncle for me!

1. It seems that they prepared them separately instead of mixing everything into one soup. I have shown images of the soups in previous chapters, so I’ll link videos this time. Red bean soup can be prepared in this manner, and White Fungus Lotus Seed soup can be prepared in this manner.

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