After noticing the blood-stained sheets, Su Xi-er ignored her pain as she immediately stood up. The quilt at the side of the bed has already been stained by blood.


A trace of worry and guilt flickered across Pei Qianhao’s otherwise calm black pupils. He immediately lifted the quilt and pulled on Su Xi-er’s shoulder, moving her onto the bed.


“You are injured; you can’t make large movements. The bleeding is probably because of my period.” Su Xi-er put her hands on the headboard, preparing to push herself up before being pushed down by Pei Qianhao again.


“This little bit of injury is just an itch to this Prince. Lie there and don’t move!” Pei Qianhao swiftly made himself get up with one hand, while the other reached for her waist.


A moment later, he had removed her outer pants and inner pants.


Su Xi-er knew that the bleeding wasn’t because of her period, but because that place had been torn open. She had even exchanged moves with the man in black afterwards, further aggravating her condition.


“Su Xi-er, I’m sorry.” The usually arrogant Pei Qianhao’s eyes were now suffused with guilt. In fact, it was the first time he had ever apologised in his life.


“I’m cold now that you removed my pants.” Su Xi-er reached out with her hand, expecting her pants back.


However, Pei Qianhao simply wrapped her inside the quilt. He then tore a strip of cloth from the bedsheets before trying to help her bandage the wound.


However, he was still a man. His awkward actions evidently showed that he didn’t know how he was supposed to bandage that part of a woman.


Su Xi-er took the cloth strip from his hand. “Go to one side. You’re not allowed to peek.” In an attempt to reduce the guilt he felt, she softened her tone and tried to act like it wasn’t a big deal


Pei Qianhao didn’t leave, and instead watched how she used the cloth to wrap her legs once before tying it into a knot


“I will go and get some medicinal herbs.” Pei Qianhao was immediately prepared to leave.


Before he had even stepped out, Su Xi-er grabbed hold of him. “I don’t need herbs. Just bandaging it can stop the bleeding. More importantly, you can’t expose yourself to the cold wind outside while you’re injured.” She chided as she pulled him towards the bed.


“This Prince isn’t that delicate. An arrow injury is just a small wound.” Pei Qianhao squeezed her hand and placed it under the quilt.


At this moment, the clear voice of a boy could be heard. “Imperial Uncle.”


Situ Lin stood outside for quite a while before he plucked up his courage to enter the inner chamber of the side hall. The sight that greeted him was enough to leave him stunned.


Isn’t Imperial Uncle the injured one? Why is Imperial Uncle standing by the bed while Su Xi-er lies in it? What exactly is going on?! 


Pei Qianhao turned around and coldly looked at Situ Lin. “Go out.”


Situ Lin felt a chill run down his spine when he heard those two frosty words. “Imperial Uncle, the Empress Dowager insists on coming in. I have instructed the imperial guards to block her, but her expression is foul, and they probably won’t be able to hold her for long.”


“Try to block her for now. This Prince will go out later.”


Situ Lin nodded. “I’ll go and instruct the cook to prepare some red bean soup to nourish your blood, Imperial Uncle.” 


Just as he reached the door, Situ Lin heard the deep voice of a man. “Add some white fungus and lotus seed.”


Situ Lin was taken aback. White fungus, lotus seed, and red bean[1] can be cooked together? But I can’t say no to Imperial Uncle’s instructions.


Hence, he quickly nodded. “I will relay your orders right away.” By the time he had finished speaking, he had already left the inner chamber.


Su Xi-er kept quiet. She realised that when Situ Lin and Pei Qianhao were alone together, he would act like a child and forget his status as an emperor. The former would even forget to address himself as ‘this Emperor,’ and begin using ‘I’ instead.

1. This is probably what the end product may look like.

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