Su Xi-er knew who had spoken as soon as she heard her voice. She turned around and bowed. “This servant pays her respects to the Empress Dowager.” Even if it’s just a formality, I still have to show others that I ‘respect’ the Empress Dowager.


“Why didn’t you remember your status as a servant when you claimed yourself to be Princess Consort Hao?” Pei Yaran walked over, stopping three steps away. Her phoenix eyes were full of mockery as she sized Su Xi-er up.


Pei Yaran could discern that there was something amiss with Su Xi-er. Her complexion is rosy, and her eyes are glittering with a moving lustre. Why do I feel that the current Su Xi-er is very different from before? Apart from the fact that she’s still beautiful, she now also has the charm of a mature woman.


As Pei Yaran was still a virgin, she didn’t know that carrying out the deed could change a woman. She could only tell that Su Xi-er had become different.


“Empress Dowager, this servant is just stating the facts as they are. The late Emperor was also in poor health before he passed away, so I am certain that you must have also been very worried. This servant’s current feelings are exactly the same as yours were back then.” Su Xi-er slowly said, inadvertently giving Pei Yaran a stab in the heart.


I was indeed worried when the late Emperor fell ill, but he’s not what I was worried about. I was worried about the Pei Family, my future, and Pei Qianhao’s future career in officialdom!


Su Xi-er paid no heed to Pei Yaran’s expression and turned to the imperial guard. “If you insist on hindering me, I will be forcing my way in.” She then walked forward, ignoring the guards’ long halberds that were blocking her way.


If she took another step forward, the sharp blade of the halberd would pierce her skin, but her footsteps showed no hesitation as she stood ramrod straight and continued forward with a solemn expression.


The guards couldn’t help but feel a chill run down their spines when faced with her imposing aura. In the end, they caved under the pressure and lowered their halberds.


Pei Yaran was enraged and harshly lambasted, “Impudent! How can Su Xi-er, a lowly servant, enter the Dragon Heaven Palace?”


The guard felt his pulse race when he heard the name Su Xi-er. So, that woman was Su Xi-er! To think that I actually blocked her from going in to visit Prince Hao! I should have been able to guess when she proclaimed herself to be Princess Consort Hao! It seems that so many things have happened tonight that my brain has become useless!


When Pei Yaran saw the imperial guard still in a daze, fury enveloped her again. However, she knew that now was not the time to be losing her temper with the guards.


In the end, she flung her sleeves and swiftly walked into the Dragon Heaven Palace. Just as Grand Tutor Kong arrived outside the palace hall, he happened to see Pei Yaran huffing in anger as she hurried in.


Su Xi-er had already forgotten about her aching thighs as she nimbly dashed into the side hall of the Dragon Heaven Palace.


Situ Lin was currently waiting outside the side hall anxiously, and he was shocked when he saw Su Xi-er. “How did you come in?!”


According to the palace rules, a maidservant who forcefully barges into the Dragon Heaven Palace will be beheaded! Su Xi-er, you’re too bold!


“I walked in,” she replied. She glanced at Situ Lin before her eyes drifted towards the inner hall.


Without even thinking, she strode in without giving Situ Lin a chance to stop her. Imperial Uncle is in there to have the arrow plucked out of him. How can she go in and distract the imperial physician?!


Upon entering the inner hall, Su Xi-er was greeted by the sight of an imperial physician washing a handkerchief with hot water.


“Who’s there!” A cold voice demanded. Immediately after, she saw a pair of eyes that were as sharp as an eagle’s flickering with a cold light.


However, said eyes immediately grew warmer when their owner realised who it was.


Su Xi-er quickly walked forward and stared at the arrow that was lodged into the left side of Pei Qianhao’s chest.

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