Imperial Physician Zhao then took the pot with him as he left the room.


Just as he left, Grand Tutor Kong hastily rushed into the room and said in a hushed voice, “Prince Hao is injured.”


Su Xi-er immediately tensed up. “Where is he?”


“In the Dragon Heaven Palace.” Grand Tutor Kong’s expression was grave. I followed the Minister of Rites out of the palace after the banquet, but I didn’t expect something so dire to happen in the Imperial Library in the short time that I was gone.


Su Xi-er couldn’t even bother to be concerned about her aching body as she dashed out of the room.


Just as she walked out of the Imperial Library, she saw Tan Ge walking over with a face full of grief, but Su Xi-er didn’t have the time to pay attention to her. Her heart was only consumed with worry for Pei Qianhao. Why did Pei Qianhao get hurt? If it was a small injury, Grand Tutor Kong wouldn’t have known about it.


As Tan Ge watched Su Xi-er’s rapidly departing figure, she thought about everything that had occurred tonight. Perhaps if I hadn’t acted, none of this would’ve happened. Chao Mu would still be alive, and Shu Xian wouldn’t be missing.


She herself had tried to search for Shu Xian, and Pei Qianhao had also sent a search party. However, Shu Xian seemed to have disappeared off the face of the earth, taking Chao Mu with him.


Due to a lack of options, the Imperial Army guards could only begin checking every nook and cranny they found, but they still didn’t find any sign of the two. It was as if they had vanished into thin air.


A frigid wind blew past as Tan Ge stood rooted to the spot in a daze. Only when Grand Tutor Kong called to her did she return to her senses.


“The Imperial Library is no longer peaceful. Be more cautious during the next few days.”


Seeing the worry in Grand Tutor Kong’s eyes, sorrow and crushing guilt washed over her like a torrent.


“Quickly return to your room to rest. Mayhem is going to break out in the imperial palace tonight.” Grand Tutor Kong hastily headed out of the Imperial Library. Su Xi-er won’t be able to enter the Dragon Heaven Palace without me. 


Before Tan Ge could even reply, she saw Grand Tutor Kong leaving in a hurry. Afterwards, she saw Imperial Physician Zhao carrying… a pot.


When she saw that pot, she became dumbfounded. Imperial Physician Zhao thought that she had been frightened out of her wits, but could only comfort her a little before swiftly leaving.


With no one left in her surroundings, Tan Ge sobbed silently. I killed someone. I’m no longer kind. I… will die a horrible death!


Tan Ge pursed her lips and stiffly walked back to her room. Memories of the past flashed through her mind. In one moment, it was her father’s helpless look, while the next was Xie Yun’s cold threat. Afterwards, it morphed into Chao Mu’s carefree smile, and Su Xi-er…


Tan Ge’s gaze became increasingly blank. In the end, she walked to the wardrobe and took out the memento her mother had left behind for her ー a golden hairpin.


“Mum, your daughter is coming to accompany you. I am not the Tan Residence’s hope. I can’t take it anymore.” Her eyes were brimming with tears as she picked up the hairpin and fiercely slashed it at her wrist.


Drops of blood dripped down. As time passed, Tan Ge’s body became increasingly cold, and she closed her eyes.


I can finally break free. That’s nice.


Her breathing became shallower, but just as she was about to pass out, a figure flashed past the window.


A tall figure dressed in white clothes appeared in the room, observing Tan Ge’s smooth and flawless face. “If you die, many things can’t be properly completed.”


He bent down to scoop her up, and left the room just as rapidly as he had come.


The frosty wind howled, causing the jujube trees in the backyard of the Imperial Library to rustle. Their withered leaves floated to the ground, void of life, just as the person who had planted them was.




An imperial guard stopped Su Xi-er with a cold voice at the Dragon Heaven Palace. “This is an important place in the imperial palace. You can’t enter.”


As if in response, Su Xi-er immediately glared at him without holding back her cold and imposing aura; the guard couldn’t help but do a double-take. Why is this maidservant’s gaze so…


“The future Princess Consort Hao is worried about her own husband. You dare to block me?”


The guard froze. What? Future Princess Consort Hao?


At this moment, a woman’s mocking voice could be heard. “What a shameless woman. You haven’t become Princess Consort Hao, but you are already putting on the airs of a princess consort and intimidating the guards in the imperial palace.”

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