Su Xi-er was aware that she didn’t have enough space to nimbly dodge away. The deed I just carried out with Pei Qianhao has made my thigh sore, and that place is also hurting.


Rather than trying to constantly dodge, I might as well play along for now.


Once she came to a decision, she laughed in a carefree manner and took the white bowl. “Looks like I won’t be able to escape today.”


Shi Mo coldly snorted. She’s very tactful today. Is she planning to play some small tricks again?


Su Xi-er picked up the white bowl and brought it up to her mouth, as if she was going to drink it. Just as her lips were about to touch the side of the bowl, she suddenly paused and pretended to be baffled. “Did you hear someone shouting for you outside?”


Suddenly faced with such an out of place question, Shi Mo couldn’t help but be stunned and be distracted for a moment.


Ignoring the pain in her thighs, Su Xi-er grabbed hold of that opportunity to kick the area between his legs. After carrying out the deed with Pei Qianhao, she had seen a man’s nether regions, and learned that it was the softest and most vulnerable to attacks.


After being kicked with such speed and force, Shi Mo grimaced in pain. He bent slightly forward, tightly pursing his lips.


Su Xi-er didn’t try to immediately escape, and chose to instead shatter the bowl in her hands. She swiftly picked up some of the shards before sprinting to Shi Mo’s back, pressing the shard of porcelain against his neck.


“Among all my moves, I am best at aiming for the throat. If you move the slightest inch, you won’t be keeping your life.” She deliberately used some strength to draw a streak of blood at his neck.


Shi Mo laughed. “It’s the first time someone has stopped me. I feel like you’re even more powerful than Xie Yun and Pei Qianhao. I am very curious, why is a mere maidservant from the Palace Side Quarters so skilled?”


“Why can’t a maidservant from the Palace Side Quarters be skilled? From what you said, I can tell that you don’t work for Xie Yun, nor are you the person who killed Chao Mu. However, you do know who did it.” Su Xi-er slowly stated, exuding an imposing aura.


Shi Mo heartily laughed with a trace of admiration. “I haven’t said more than a few sentences ever since I entered this room, yet you are still able to guess so accurately. I’m now a little reluctant to kill such a clever and interesting person.” He suddenly raised his hand and used the strength of his arm to fling Su Xi-er away.


Simultaneously, his large hat slipped down, fully revealing his visage.


Su Xi-er couldn’t help but widen her eyes. He is… a half-faced man! The half-faced man that has always only appeared in plays is now standing right before my very eyes.


Half-faced men were divided into two kinds: one was extremely hideous, while the other was extremely handsome. 


The man before her belonged to the latter category. The left side of his face looked sinister. The tip of his left eyebrow was thin and raised up, while his eyes were narrow and long, and filled with an evil look. On the other hand, the right side of his face gave an innocent and harmless impression. It looked gentle and handsome, like a refined gentleman.


Half-faced men were thought of as inauspicious. They were said to curse their parents and friends, and those who had seen their true appearance would meet with a calamity.


The corners of Shi Mo’s mouth slightly curled up. “The day of your demise is near. Now that you have seen my true appearance, you will soon meet with a calamity.”


Su Xi-er’s expression returned to normal. ”You don’t have to treat rumours so seriously. Half-faced men are known to have unfathomable personalities, and mysterious whereabouts.”


“You understand quite a lot. Are you planning to stall for time?” Shi Mo turned his wrist, preparing to attack Su Xi-er when he halted upon hearing what she said next.

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