Lü Liu died for me. Old Maidservant Liu’s death had something to do with me. And now, Chao Mu has also died because of me. 


Su Xi-er clenched her fists tightly, cold rays shooting out of her eyes. Who snuck into my room and poisoned the water? I had only just finished boiling it while preparing for bed.


That means that the person who poisoned the water is very familiar with my habits; enough so that they were able to accurately guess when I would be out of my room. Su Xi-er slightly narrowed her eyes. It is either someone who’s hidden themselves while waiting to act, or someone who’s close to me.


Someone close to me… Could it be Tan Ge? Perhaps Xie Yun had her enter the Imperial Library specifically to kill me.


But Tan Ge is kind and pure. Could she really bring herself to do something like that?


All of a sudden, Su Xi-er was intensely conflicted. Tan Ge, could it be you?


Before she could think about it any further, the loud sound of a bowl shattering on the ground could be heard outside the room, cutting through the silence of the night.


Su Xi-er tensed up, but she didn’t leave her room, choosing instead to hide behind the wardrobe. She managed to hide her entire body as she warily stared at the door.


Creak. Someone pushed the door open from outside, and a man in black robes appeared. His large black hat covered his eyes, only revealing his nose and mouth.


Su Xi-er’s hands curled into fists. I have encountered this man multiple times before, and each time, he has attempted to take my life. Could he have been the one to poison the water?


Shi Mo surveyed the interior of the room and found no one. Finally, his gaze landed on the water pot, and he softly remarked, “It looks like Commandery Prince Xie has miscalculated again. Then again, Chao Mu’s death can serve as a warning to certain people..”


The corners of his mouth raised, displaying a wicked smile. Just when it looked like he was going to leave the room, he suddenly turned around and struck out with his hand, attacking in the direction of the wardrobe.


Boom! The wardrobe fell backwards, forcing Su Xi-er to dodge and reveal herself to the man in black.


“I have tried to kill you many times, but not once have I succeeded. Tell me, will I succeed this time?” Shi Mo calmly asked from where he stood.


Su Xi-er looked at his mouth that kept opening under his large hat. “I have already said this before. The only way I’ll die is of old age. I’m very curious as to what kind of face hides under that fat.” She pretended to make conversation, using the time to pull out a wooden hairpin from her hair before flicking her wrist.


The wooden hairpin flew straight towards Shi Mo’s throat, but the latter managed to dodge to the side without even moving his head. Despite the now fresh scratch on his cheek, Shi Mo’s large hat still remained in place.


Shi Mo let out a soft chuckle. “To immediately aim for the throat… your skills are decent. I see you in a different light now.” He sat down and poured himself a cup of water.


He gently swayed the white bowl and taunted in a hoarse voice, “A bowl of water took Chao Mu’s life, yet you’re still living well. Don’t you feel guilty? She died because of you.”


Chao Mu’s death had greatly pained Su Xi-er, but she showed none of those emotions on her countenance. “Do you feel guilty about making a move on someone innocent?”


“Disregarding any normal person, even someone who was skilled in martial arts would’ve had difficulty dodging your attack just now. It’s just a shame that you used it on the wrong person. Don’t you know how far my skills go?”


“Your skills are pretty decent.” Su Xi-er maintained her composure. She knew that the man’s intention was to force her to drink the water.


“Since you are so smart, let me ask you this. Are you going to drink this yourself, or will I have to force you?” Shi Mo stood two steps away from her, his hat covering the glint in his eyes.

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