She was able to make out Tan Ge’s red and swollen eyes, making it obvious that she had been crying.


Su Xi-er pushed Pei Qianhao away, but because of their vigorous activities just now, she was a bit unstable on her feet. Pei Qianhao noticed this, and immediately came forward to support her. It’s my fault for not controlling my strength. I must have hurt her in some way.


“Tan Ge, what’s wrong?” Su Xi-er felt a sense of dread washing over her as a nagging feeling continued to pull at her heart.


Tan Ge broke out in tears again. “Chao Mu is dead. Shu Xian has carried her away, and I don’t know where he went.”


“What?!” Su Xi-er raised her voice. Chao Mu is dead…


She remembered that Chao Mu had told her that they would go to the Imperial Kitchen from 9 pm to 11 pm in order to collect dumplings. Yet, 11 pm has already passed, and Chao Mu is dead.


Why did she die? How did she die?


Su Xi-er broke free of Pei Qianhao. “Which direction did Shu Xian go in?”


Tan Ge pointed in front of her. “He left the Imperial Library. Quickly go and find him. I’m afraid that Shu Xian is taking things too  hard, and thinking of committing suicide.” Tan Ge anxiously walked forward.


I have already killed Chao Mu. I don’t want to kill Shu Xian too.


Su Xi-er also ran over, but she felt her legs buckle after taking only two steps.


A pair of long arms reached out from behind her and embraced her before she could hit the ground, and the voice of their owner rang out. “Your body is weak right now; you should lie in your room first. This Prince will handle Chao Mu’s matter.”


Su Xi-er was carried in bridal style by Pei Qianhao, not giving her a chance to refuse.


After entering the room, Pei Qianhao glanced at the water pot before gently putting her on the bed.


Seeing that he was about to leave, Su Xi-er grabbed him. “Chao Mu’s death definitely has something to do with me.”


Pei Qianhao’s gaze deepened. “If that’s the case, then it also has something to do with this Prince. It was already a given at the moment that this Prince announced the wedding, that tonight would not be peaceful. Obediently stay here; the cook will be along later to bring some red bean soup. This Prince will not forgive anyone who has provoked my people.”


His icy cold voice echoed imposingly across the room before he left, instructing Wu Ling to stand guard outside.


As Su Xi-er lied on the bed, the quiet room was a stark contrast from her turbulent heart. She lifted her quilt and prepared to get down from the bed.


However, just as her feet touched her embroidered shoes, she felt her thigh ache.


Su Xi-er pursed her lips. She was aware that the first time would be uncomfortable, but she hadn’t expected it to be so painful. Pei Qianhao should have been gentler!


Even if he was under the effects of philtre fragrance, it was just a bit, so he shouldn’t have completely lost his sense of reason. But the actions when he did that thing were too…  valiant and ferocious. However, what Su Xi-er didn’t know that the effects could’ve been forcefully suppressed.


Yet, to Pei Qianhao, Su Xi-er was more powerful than any philtre fragrance. Perhaps he had another reason for doing so.


When Wu Ling heard the movement inside the room, he knocked on the door. “Miss Xi-er, please feel free to say if you need anything.”


Su Xi-er had worn her shoes and was walking to the door when she involuntarily glanced at the water pot.


When I left, the water pot was placed on the right side of the table, but it has now shifted to the middle  someone has touched this water pot.


Su Xi-er immediately picked up the water pot and opened its lid before holding it up to the candlelight. There’s no change to the water’s colour at all.


“Miss Xi-er, what are you doing inside?” Wu Ling’s voice sounded again.


Su Xi-er’s eyes were filled with puzzlement, and she instructed Wu Ling to come in.


“Go to the Imperial Physician Institute and call Imperial Physician Zhao over as soon as possible.”


Wu Ling nodded and headed for the Imperial Physician Institute, leaving Su Xi-er alone in the room.


There’s definitely something wrong with this water. Someone probably added poison in the water, and when Chao Mu came to get me, she unknowingly ingested it.


Yet, at that time, I was in the book depository…


Su Xi-er suddenly felt pain in her heart, with scenes of Lü Liu dying in her arms flashing through her mind.

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