As night fell, big red lanterns were hung along the palace paths. The Imperial Kitchen would be distributing the dumplings to the palace maids and eunuchs from 9 pm to 11 pm. 


Su Xi-er was organising the books in the book depository, since they would collect dust if left alone for a long period of time. 


By the time she was done wiping down the books and shelves, two hours had already passed. The wind had picked up outside the storage room, causing the doors and windows to rattle when it blew past.


With the banquet in the Imperial Garden ended, many of the court ministers were being escorted back to their own residences by the guards. As for Xie Yun and his sister, they got on their own horse carriage and left the palace.


When they passed by a street, the horse carriage suddenly halted in its tracks. Xie Liuli looked at Xie Yun in confusion, and reached out to grab him when she saw him about to get off the carriage. “Elder Brother, are you going to enter the palace? I have already let go of the engagement. Why do you still insist on clinging onto it? Are the family’s interests that important?”


Xie Yun flung her hand away., but when he noticed her miserable expression, he couldn’t help but say, “If they weren’t important, Mum and Dad wouldn’t have died. Liuli, just stay in the residence and don’t ask about anything else. Your performance at the palace banquet today was really bad.”


With that, Xie Yun alighted the carriage and glanced at the guards, signalling for them to return to the residence as soon as possible.


Understanding his order, the imperial guard leapt onto the horse carriage and cracked the horsewhip. When Xie Liuli felt the carriage rapidly moving, she lifted the window curtain and disregarded the wind blowing against her hair as she yelled, “Elder Brother, giving in a step would be better!”


However, Xie Yun’s figure had already disappeared from her sight, leaving Xie Liuli to gaze listlessly at the walls of the carriage.


Upon entering the imperial palace, Xie Yun stealthily made his way to the Imperial Library. When he arrived, he happened to see Tan Ge leaving Su Xi-er’s room. It appears that she’s already acted.


The cold wind caused Tan Ge to shiver as she frantically checked her surroundings, only to see Xie Yun smiling at her from a distance.


Her eyes were filled with terror, and she kept retreating backwards until she bumped into a soft body.


Su Xi-er supported her from behind and advised, “Tan Ge, return to your room and properly rest if you’re not feeling well.”


Tan Ge’s expression immediately returned to normal as she nodded. “I have been having nightmares lately, and I dreamt of a devil harassing me. I thought I saw a black figure in the distance, but my eyes must have been playing tricks on me.”


“Black figure?” Su Xi-er looked around, but there wasn’t a single person in sight.


“I’m going back to rest. You should too.” Tan Ge then walked to her room, her hands tightly clenching a piece of yellow paper.


Right after Tan Ge shut herself in her room, she sank to the ground. Disregarding the icy cold floor, she brought her knees close and looked at the yellow paper, softly mumbling, “Su Xi-er, I’m sorry.”


After observing Su Xi-er for a few days, Tan Ge had already familiarised herself with the former’s bedtime habits. She knew that Su Xi-er would always drink a small bowl of hot water to warm her body before going to sleep. It was in the heated pot of water that Tan Ge had poured the poison just now.


When Su Xi-er returned to her room, she picked up the pot and poured out some water. Just as she was about to take a sip, she remembered that she hadn’t shut the door to the book depository.


The wind will blow all the books to the floor with how strong it is tonight.


Su Xi-er put her bowl down and went straight to the depository.

After Xie Yun saw her leave, he entered her room and walked to the tableside. He lifted the lid on the pot, and saw a trail of white powder on the edges. Tan Ge has indeed acted. Smiling to himself, Xie Yun wiped all traces of the white powder away.

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