All the palace maids were stunned by Su Xi-er’s imposing aura. Her ice-cold arrogance, as well as the sense of oppression exuding from her, was very similar to Prince Hao’s.


Su Xi-er could subdue the chaotic scene with just a glance. Behind her, Hong Li couldn’t help but admire and respect her.


It stayed very silent even after Su Xi-er had walked off into the distance.


At the Palace Side Quarters’ palace gate, Su Xi-er pulled Old Maidservant Liu’s arm. “Old Maidservant Liu, your legs aren’t in a good condition. You can’t kneel too long, or it will become a lingering injury in the future.”


Old Maidservant Liu waved her hand. “This was Prince Hao’s punishment. I must comply with it.”


“What happened? This servant will bear it for you.”


As soon as she heard that, Old Maidservant Liu looked at Su Xi-er with a different expression in her eyes. Finally, she laughed. “Do you know? Sometimes, you are very similar to my deceased master. It’s a pity that my master was just a Lady of Talent even until she died. She was exploited by others, and was even robbed of her son.”


Her master was the reigning emperor’s biological mother.


“Su Xi-er, I have been in the imperial palace for so long. I believe you should have already discerned that I have been sounding you out ever since I arrived at the Palace Side Quarters.” Old Maidservant Liu’s tone contained helplessness.


“It’s normal for you to sound this servant out Old Maidservant Liu.”


“Everyone’s attention is on you because of your extraordinary qualities.” Old Maidservant Liu broke free of Su Xi-er’s hand and slowly informed her, “Miss He came to my room to tell me to punish you and make you suffer, but I didn’t agree. While your personality is similar to my master’s, your looks are also better than hers. I want to see what will become of you.” 


Old Maidservant Liu then shifted her gaze to Su Xi-er. She knew that Ruo Yuan and Su Xi-er were close. Thus, she purposely asked Eunuch Zhang to take Ruo Yuan away and feigned that Ruo Yuan had committed a crime. In reality, Ruo Yuan just went to the Imperial Household Department to move heavy items.


In the end, she managed to find out that Ruo Yuan’s importance to Su Xi-er was different from Hong Li’s.


As to why there was a difference, she didn’t know.


Old Maidservant Liu didn’t want to hide anything so she was frank, “Su Xi-er, you secretly took two subordinates in the Palace Side Quarters to be used by you. This matter didn’t escape my eyes.”


Su Xi-er came here by playing a self-injury ruse, but she didn’t expect that Old Maidservant Liu would pour everything out so quickly.


“Old Maidservant Liu, you’re telling this servant like this…” Su Xi-er lowered her head and pretended to be concerned about her. “You are very loyal to your master. Since you want to see a different outcome for me, why don’t you…”


Old Maidservant Liu smiled and replied softly, “Be used by you? On what basis should I believe you?”


“Based on your loyalty to your master.”


Old Maidservant Liu didn’t respond. She was contemplating.


“Old Maidservant Liu, let’s make a bet. I’ll let you get up, and if Prince Hao pursues the matter, you can ignore me from now on. If he doesn’t pursue the matter, you will let yourself be used by me.”


After a long time, Old Maidservant Liu nodded and grabbed Su Xi-er’s hand to stand up. “Alright, I’ll bet just this once.”


“Old Maidservant Liu, I’ll support you back to your room to rest.” Su Xi-er then lent an arm to support her.


Old Maidservant Liu nodded and followed her back to the room.


This scene stunned the palace maids.


Afterwards, Su Xi-er instructed Hong Li to disseminate the news throughout the Palace Side Quarters that Old Maidservant Liu had publicly gone against Prince Hao’s edict.


Hong Li was a clever lass, and in an instant, the news had spread through the Palace Side Quarters. In less than two hours, the news had reached Pei Qianhao.


Wu Ling looked at Prince Hao while maintaining his composure. He didn’t say anything, only waiting to see Prince Hao’s reaction.


After a long time, the corner of Pei Qianhao’s mouth was upturned. “She has some schemes. This prince wants to see what other tricks she still wants to play. Wu Ling.”


“This subordinate is here.”


Pei Qianhao waved his hand. “Convey this prince’s edict, Ruo Yuan, palace maid from the Palace Side Quarters, is to be transferred to the Laundry Service Bureau. You’re only allowed to tell Eunuch Zhang from the Imperial Household Department that this matter was instructed by this prince. In addition, you can let the Third Imperial Prince be aware of this.”


Wu Ling was in a daze. This is a matter the Imperial Household Department is in charge of...


“Quickly go.”


When he saw that Prince Hao’s expression was unfriendly, Wu Ling immediately bowed and withdrew.

On the way, Wu Ling still couldn’t understand. How is this related to Ruo Yuan? Ruo Yuan is that fat palace maid, right? Hasn’t Prince Hao’s hand reached too far?

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