“Are you scared now?” Pei Qianhao posed the rhetorical question before walking out of the room without another glance.


Su Xi-er was left quietly kneeling on the ground before she slowly stood up.


She was thinking of his words, “This prince’s hobby is to destroy everything I’m interested in.”


After a while, Hong Li entered the room with lingering fear etched across her face. In her hands were a bowl of white congee and two white steamed buns.


When she saw that Su Xi-er was standing motionless and gazing at the grey wall, Hong Li thought that the former had been scared stiff by Prince Hao.


“Su Xi-er, quickly come back to your senses. Eat something and suppress your fear.” Hong Li patted her shoulder before taking her hand and leading her to the wooden table.


Su Xi-er replied with a soft “mhm” before she sat on the wooden stool and began to eat her dinner.


“Prince Hao’s whole body was emitting a cold aura as he walked out of your room just now. Did you provoke him?” When Hong Li recalled Prince Hao’s appearance, she could still feel her heart palpitating wildly. It was too dangerous. What exactly did he tell Su Xi-er in the room?


Su Xi-er answered indifferently, “I didn’t provoke him. Prince Hao simply likes to lose his temper randomly.”


“Ah, he flew into a temper randomly and you resisted? Su Xi-er, you told me to be more intelligent, but why are you yourself so stupid? It’s very normal for a master to fly into a rage. Someday, when Old Maidservant Liu flies into a temper, we still have to endure it.”


Su Xi-er had a half-hearted smile on her face as she drank a mouthful of congee. “Even if they fly into a rage randomly, we still have to endure it.”


Even if you are asked to take off your clothes and lie down for him to see, you still have to do it. However, I’m unable to do it. That kind of thing, how can I do it…?


Hong Li sighed. “Su Xi-er, it’s a good thing that you have changed; however you must watch yourself. Even I can sometimes sense that unyielding arrogance of yours. That being said, with how long you have stayed in the Palace Side Quarters, your sharp attitude should have died out. I really can’t tell where that arrogance of yours comes from.”


Contrarily, Su Xi-er suddenly asked, “The matter about Prince Hao coming to my room, has it already been spread all over?”


Hong Li nodded repeatedly. “That’s right. Prince Hao’s imposing manner scared all the palace maids until they were half-dead. Even Old Maidservant Liu was punished to kneel at the palace gate of the Palace Side Quarters. She’s not allowed to get up until 6.30pm.”


“Prince Hao punished Old Maidservant Liu?” Su Xi-er verified once again. 


“Mhm! Old Maidservant Liu didn’t commit any crime, but Prince Hao still made her kneel at the palace gate of the Palace Side Quarters.” Hong Li then saw Su Xi-er place her white bowl down and walk outside.


Hong Li’s face was full of astonishment. Everyone outside is currently discussing the matter of her and Prince Hao. If she goes out now, wouldn’t she be drowned to death by their spittle! She and I are people on the same boat.


In the end, Hong Li bit her teeth and ran out to follow her.


The places Su Xi-er passed by all had palace maids from the Palace Side Quarters present, each with different opinions of the situation. There were some who were enjoying a good show, some who despised her, and some who thought that she deserved it.


“With how Prince Hao was acting just now, Su Xi-er is definitely not far away from death this time!”


“Exactly. No wonder Miss Qing came to lecture her today. Who doesn’t know that Miss Qing is the room concubine servant prepared for Prince Hao by the Pei family? Their relationship is inseparably close”


“With such an appearance, it only serves her right that she dies. The Palace Side Quarters was originally been very tranquil until she started stirring up trouble and causing a state of pandemonium.”


Their voices became increasingly louder, completely inconsiderate of the fact that Su Xi-er was present.


Su Xi-er stopped in her tracks, her gaze turning cold as she looked at those palace maids.


Immediately, silence permeated the courtyard until one could hear a pin being dropped.

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“I didn’t provoke him. Prince Hao simply likes to lose his temper randomly.”