Before Su Xi-er could explain, the injured palace maid quickly cut in. “Old Maidservant, she suddenly threw a bucket at my forehead for no reason.”


The female cook glared at her. “Did I allow you to speak? Where have all the palace rules you learnt gone?”


The palace maid immediately silenced herself and glared at Su Xi-er in resentment.


Su Xi-er looked towards Chao Mu before crouching down and rolling up the latter’s pants. “Old Maidservant, take a look. There is still a visible red mark; it’s clear that a significant amount of strength was used to pinch her calf.”


The female cook lowered her head to check, then turned towards the palace maid. “What else do you have to say? Would someone deliberately pinch their own leg and falsely accuse you? What grudge does she have with you?”


“Old Maidservant, you have to seek justice for me. Su Xi-er splashed me with water before, and is now framing me by pinching her companion’s leg.” The palace maid began tearfully complaining, her face full of grievances.


Su Xi-er inwardly snorted to herself. I have seen foolish people, but none as foolish as her. With so many loopholes, anyone with a brain would be able to tell that she’s lying.


As expected, the female cook raised her hand and slapped the palace maid. “Servants, drag her out to be punished, and confine her for reflection once that is over. You don’t have to watch the operas in the Imperial Garden this afternoon anymore!”


Soon, two eunuchs entered the room and forcefully dragged the wailing palace maid out.


The female cook shook her head and apologised to Su Xi-er, “Court Lady Su, this old servant was incompetent in disciplining. Please don’t take it to heart.”


Seeing that the female cook was very courteous, Chao Mu also began to giggle. “Old Maidservant, you’re too polite. Court Lady Su is magnanimous and wouldn’t blame you. ”


The female cook smiled. “Court Lady Su, you can just rest in this hut for now. This old servant will send someone to take you to the Imperial Garden to watch the operas in the afternoon.”


Su Xi-er nodded and watched as the female cook walked out of the hut while shutting the door behind her.


Chao Mu was baffled. “That’s so strange. She wasn’t respectful at all when we came to the Imperial Garden, but she couldn’t stop addressing you as ‘Court Lady Su’ just now.”


“I also find it strange.” Su Xi-er indifferently replied, but she understood that Pei Qianhao had probably dispatched someone over to look after her. Who wouldn’t give Prince Hao face?


Upon this thought, Su Xi-er felt some warmth rise up in her heart.


“You can rest, but I can’t. I’ll be returning to work.” Chao Mu giggled and proceeded to leave the hut, and Su Xi-er didn’t stop her.


Perhaps Pei Qianhao will visit later. Su Xi-er sat on a stool and decided that she would patiently wait for him.


An hour later, the door was opened, and a handsome man dressed in purple robes with snake patterns appeared before her.


Su Xi-er’s gaze landed on him. A plain purple colour and black snake patterns  devilish and dangerous. She realised that he hadn’t worn robes of any colour apart from black, purple, and gold.


Pei Qianhao closed the door and walked to her side. “You’re totally in a daze.” There was a hint of playfulness in his voice as one of his eyebrows raised.


No one knew that the centre of discussion, Prince Hao, was currently in an isolated hut in the Imperial Kitchen.


“Prince Hao, you look especially handsome in your attire today.” Su Xi-er stood up and smiled.


Pei Qianhao waved his hand and gently flicked her forehead. “When was this Prince not handsome?”


I just praised him a little, and his ego has already skyrocketed.


“Everyone in the palace knows that Prince Hao and Commandery Princess Xie are engaged; some even speculate that a wedding date will be decided upon soon.” Su Xi-er changed the topic in a calm voice.


“It’s not picking a date; the date has already been picked. Didn’t I tell you? It’ll be seven days after the Winter Solstice palace banquet.” Pei Qianhao hooked his hand around her slender waist.


“This servant is now Grand Tutor Kong’s goddaughter. The status you arranged for me is pretty good, Prince Hao.” Su Xi-er’s eyes were glittering, and she didn’t break free from him.

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