Truly, he was a little reluctant to snuff out such a talent. But who asked her to involve herself in the conflict? She only has herself to blame.


In her room, Tan Ge was staring at the small packet of medicine in her hands. Unable to suppress the sorrow and conflicted emotions in her heart, she couldn’t stop herself from sobbing.


Doing something against my conscience will result in divine retribution! How I wish my death could solve everything, but…


The next day, Su Xi-er had just woken up when she heard some movement outside her room. She immediately opened the door, nimbly dodging to the side as she caught sight of a stone flying towards her.


Turning around to pick the stone off the ground, Su Xi-er surveyed her surroundings, but found no one. She immediately closed the door before unfurling the note that was wrapped around the stone.


Prince Hao has secretly transferred an army into Beimin’s capital. This servant hasn’t seen Qin Ling again; he has already retreated from the capital.


The bottom right corner of the note was signed by Feng Changqing.


Feng Changqing had entered the palace early in the morning to deliver the letter. Su Xi-er found it strange. Why didn’t he come yesterday but this morning instead? Could it be that Prince Hao has already entered the palace, and Feng Changqing is following him?


Before she could think it over, she heard someone banging on her door. Su Xi-er quickly burned the note over a candle before blowing out the flame.


By the time she opened the door, Chao Mu was already anxious from the wait.


“Su Xi-er, why did you take so long? Quickly freshen up and eat breakfast. Grand Tutor Kong is waiting for you in the main hall. He looks solemn, as if there’s something important.” Chao Mu urged as she pushed Su Xi-er to freshen up.


Su Xi-er took a basin from her room and quickly freshened up. Only an hour had passed by the time she arrived in the main hall.


Grand Tutor Kong was seated in the upper seat of the main hall while flipping through a book on the Lan Script.


“Grand Tutor Kong, this servant hasn’t seen you in many days. Why did you call for this servant so early in the morning?” Su Xi-er asked after she paid her respects.


Although she was a court lady with a rank, she was still a maidservant in front of a court official.


Grand Tutor Kong was serious as he announced, “Su Xi-er, born on the eighth day of the second month between 11 am to 12 am. This old man happens to lack water in my Five Elements[1]. Your birthday is full of water.” He paused and stood up from his chair.


Su Xi-er suddenly noticed him holding a familiar white pearl in his hand, and her eyes lit up. Isn’t this the one Pei Qianhao gave me a long time ago? When did it land in Grand Tutor Kong’s hands?  

A hole had been bored through the pearl, and it was now hanging on a red string.


“This old man finds your qualifications pretty good, and I haven’t married a wife or had any children. Su Xi-er, are you willing to be this old man’s goddaughter?” Grand Tutor Kong asked as he passed the white pearl to Su Xi-er.


Looking at the pearl, Su Xi-er knew that her theory had been spot-on. The status Pei Qianhao has arranged for me is Grand Tutor Kong’s goddaughter. Grand Tutor Kong is the leading scholar in the Literary World, and wth Beimin putting a rising amount of importance in the literary arts, this status is sufficient for me to enter the Prince Hao Residence and become Princess Consort Hao.


“Su Xi-er, why are you still not taking the pearl?” Grand Tutor Kong put on a more solemn expression as he urged.


Su Xi-er’s eyebrows curved into a smile as she took the pearl. “Many thanks, Grand Tutor Kong. Just out of curiosity, where did you get this pearl from?”  

Grand Tutor Kong lightly coughed. “Call me godfather when there’s no one around. This old man has led a frugal lifestyle since I was young. How would I have a valuable pearl like this? Of course, it was Prince Hao who gave it to me.”

Grand Tutor Kong paused as he suddenly realised that he had let it slip. Isn’t this tantamount to telling Su Xi-er that I am taking her as my goddaughter because of Prince Hao’s wishes, and not my own volition?

1. Refers to the five elements in Chinese philosophy: Fire, Water, Wood, Metal, and Earth. Here’s a Wikipedia article for more information.

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