Tan Ge was already apprehensive about anything that Xie Yun wanted to give her, but she didn’t have a choice in the matter. Forced to stand up, she watched as Xie Yun retrieved a small, white porcelain bottle from his sleeve.


Xie Yun raised his right hand and hooked it around her slender waist. As he pulled her closer, the fresh fragrance of a woman wafted into his nose, and he smilingly whispered into her ear. “Tan Ge, do you know what this Prince wants to give you?”


His warm breath brushing past Tan Ge’s ear made her uncomfortable, but she didn’t dare to push him away. Commandery Prince Xie puts on a gentle facade in public, but is truly terrifying in private.


“This servant doesn’t want to know, nor does this servant want it.” Tan Ge vehemently shook her head, her voice quivering as fear swelled in her heart.


11 pm tomorrow will be my final deadline. I already expected him to come looking for me.


Xie Yun’s hand slowly wandered upwards from her waist, and he carefully stroked her smooth face. “This face of yours is fair and rosy. You could have been one of Beimin’s three great beauties, but what is the point of being beautiful if the Tan Residence has lost its former glory?”


He then let go of her and opened the white porcelain bottle, causing the scent of medicinal herbs to assail Tan Ge’s nostrils. Unfortunately, she didn’t have any knowledge of medicine, and couldn’t tell what the powder in the bottle was.


The corners of Xie Yun’s mouth lifted as he slid Tan Ge’s sleeve up her left arm.


Tan Ge recoiled and looked at Xie Yun in fright. It’s the first time my arm is being seen by a man.


“Tan Ge, inform this Prince of your choice later.” Xie Yun gently smiled before pouring a bit of the bottle’s contents on her arm.


The white medicinal powder quickly dissolved, initially causing a burning sensation until, to Tan Ge’s horror, it actually began to sear at her skin.


Tan Ge almost cried out in pain. She endured the pain and watched as her originally smooth skin festered. This is medicinal powder that is used to disfigure people!


Xie Yun kept the white porcelain bottle before smiling at her. “Scream if it’s painful. Why do you have to hold it in? Pouring it on your arm is just a small gift. If you want a large present, this Prince won’t be stingy. Tan Ge, have you thought over what you want to do?”


Beads of cold sweat broke out on her forehead as agony, pain, resentment, and despair flashed past her eyes.


“Tan Ge, don’t think that your death will solve everything. There are numerous lives in the Tan Residence that are counting on you.”


Tan Ge was currently regretting that she went out with Cui-er that day. If we hadn’t gone out, we probably wouldn’t have met Xie Yun. He might have saved us from those thugs, but he’s pushed me into another abyss.


“Commandery Prince Xie, why did you seek me out specifically? Why the Tan Residence? Tan Ge no longer bothered to refer to herself as ‘this servant’.


“Blame yourself for being beautiful. Blame yourself for being smart. And above all, blame yourself for resembling Su Xi-er in some aspects.” Xie Yun slowly said.


Tan Ge was stunned. Su Xi-er is calm, clever, and understands the big picture. Did Commandery Prince Xie look for me because he felt that my personality resembles Su Xi-er’s?


“Keep the medicine and carry out the plan. As long as you do what you’re supposed to, this Prince won’t blame you even if it fails. However, don’t blame this Prince for being heartless if you refuse to act.” Xie Yun warned as he pulled her sleeve back down.


“The weather is cold; you should wear more to keep yourself warm.” He gently patted the top of her head and left the Imperial Library.


Xie Yun knew that Tan Ge had tacitly agreed when she didn’t refuse him. This kind of harmless woman will make everyone lower their guards, and it will make it easier when she makes a move.

As he left, Xie Yun glanced at Su Xi-er’s room. Such a clever beauty may not be around anymore tomorrow.

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