Shi Mo continued. “Empress Dowager, what are you worried about? Even if the matter is exposed, you can just find a reason to disappear from the imperial palace. This is just a chance to free yourself from the status of Empress Dowager.”


“Once I free myself of my social status, I can be together with him without being restrained by societal norms.” Hope ignited in Pei Yaran’s heart. So what if it fails and gets exposed? I can just take this opportunity to disappear and break away from this status. If I can also get pregnant and use the child to threaten Pei Qianhao, that’d be best!


“Empress Dowager, rest well tonight. I will help you succeed tomorrow.” Shi Mo then vanished from her sight.


Pei Yaran stared at the empty main hall as she pondered over Shi Mo’s words for a few hours. What exactly does he get out of helping me?




The palace maids had been diligently working in the Imperial Garden. In eight hours, they had finished cleaning the place and replaced all the flower pots, giving it a fresh new look. The clusters of blooming flowers made it a resplendent sight to behold.


Su Xi-er kept her broom and returned to the Imperial Library with Chao Mu and Tan Ge.


Shu Xian still hadn’t returned, and Xiao Yuanzi had packed up before leaving for the Imperial Household Department, saying that things were busy enough for him to stay there for a few days.


Apart from preparing the meals and chatting with everyone during mealtimes, the cook was also very busy. Meanwhile, Grand Tutor Kong was nowhere to be found.


The Imperial Library had become more desolate. After dinner, Chao Mu began sighing again with a frustrated expression.


Tan Ge took the initiative to speak for the first time since she returned to the Imperial Library. “It’s getting late, and it’ll be cold at night. We should rest early for tonight, so that we can be prepared for the workload tomorrow.” She smiled faintly at Su Xi-er before entering her room.


“Su Xi-er, Tan Ge finally said something. Is she perhaps feeling better?” Chao Mu’s eyes were sparkling, elated about Tan Ge’s change.


“Maybe. She hasn’t completely recovered yet. Don’t get close to her for this period of time.” Su Xi-er advised before entering her room.


Chao Mu was perplexed. Why does Su Xi-er keep reminding me not to get close to Tan Ge? If we let her slowly recover and get back on her feet, how long will we be waiting?


In the end, Chao Mu also walked into her room and washed up before resting, her mind filled with questions all the while.


Su Xi-er sat in her room and only fell asleep after 1 am. Pei Qianhao hasn’t visited for several days; it’s as if he’s vanished.


Habit is a really frightening illness. He wouldn’t stop showing up when I was trying to avoid him, but now I’m thinking about how he isn’t visiting.


While Su Xi-er was sleeping, Tan Ge was trembling in fear.


She watched as Xie Yun walked closer and closer to her. She couldn’t stop her body from shuddering, and she finally knelt on the icy cold floor. “Commandery Prince Xie, I beg of you, please let this servant off.”


Xie Yun looked down at her and said in gentle voice, “Tan Ge, this Prince had given you a choice. You stayed in the Tan Residence and ruminated for three days, but in the end, you were the one who decided to come back to the Imperial Library, weren’t you?”


“This servant thought that I could become vicious, but I really can’t do it. Whenever I see Su Xi-er smiling at me, this servant will become soft-hearted. I beg of you, Commandery Prince Xie, I can do anything you want of me, as long as it doesn’t involve harming someone.”


Tan Ge implored as she took out the packet of medicine from her sleeve.


She had been carrying this with her for the past few days, but every time she thought about acting, she would become unable to steel her heart. I really can’t do it...


Xie Yun looked at the medicine packet, but didn’t reach out his hand to take it. “Tan Ge, are you sure that you have already thought it over carefully?”


“This servant is certain.” Tan Ge clenched her teeth, forcing out those four words.


“Very well.” He was clearly smiling and speaking gently, but he couldn’t stop the sinister tone in his words.


“Stand up. This Prince will give you something.” Xie Yun bent down to support the trembling Tan Ge.

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