Xie Yun left the Compassionate Peace Palace after saying his piece, leaving Pei Yaran to stare blankly in the direction that he had left in, before her gaze finally landed on the bottle. Despicable means? Is he mocking me for using a forbidden medicine in the palace? But the poison used to kill Old Maidservant Liu would also be considered one.


However, the imperial palace has always been a very sordid place. Regardless of how pure someone is, they will all be corrupted after staying here.


Pei Yaran clenched her hands tightly around the bottle. Xie Yun, what right do you have to criticise me? Do you think that you’re so justified?


In my opinion, the most despicable person is you! You are most skilful in manipulating the hearts and thoughts of others, closing in on them without giving them a chance to retaliate. You get others to do your dirty work for you, pressuring your opponent until they go insane. Yet, in the end, you dare to stand here and ridicule others for using despicable means!


Pei Yaran’s lips were tightly pursed, and her eyes were like daggers.


At this moment, Shi Mo appeared in his usual black robes, looking at the bottle in Pei Yaran’s hand before laughing. “I didn’t expect Commandery Prince Xie to return that thing.”


“If Xie Yun doesn’t want it, the lofty and ascetic Third Imperial Prince wouldn’t accept it either. This thing…” Pei Yaran let out a low chuckle laced with ill intent.


“Shi Mo, will a man be affected when this is applied to a woman? Assuming it is a concentrated dose.” Pei Yaran asked in a low voice, the corners of her mouth curling up.


“In a tightly sealed room, if it is smeared on the neck, nose, fingertips, and the shoulders, even a strong man would be intoxicated.”


Pei Yaran stowed away the bottle in her sleeve. “Pei Qianhao took a bottle away, and wouldn’t expect that I have any left. I’m curious to see how much self-restraint he has.”


“Empress Dowager, have you already decided to use it on yourself?” Shi Mo’s smile was hidden behind his mask. After taking so many turns, Pei Yaran still decided on this plan. Although it’s different from what I’ve previously planned, it’s still roughly going in the same direction. Will chaos finally break out in Beimin?


“I have always liked him until now, and I will in the future as well. As long as I pour all of my heart into loving someone, why does it matter if I use despicable means?” Sorrow flickered past her eyes. I’ll feel very pleased in the moment I do something like this, but Elder Brother Hao will definitely be thoroughly disappointed in me when he wakes up after the deed.


Our relationship may crumble, but so what? I just want a single time. Just one time is enough. The only problem now is Su Xi-er’s matter!


Noticing Pei Yaran’s worry, Shi Mo said, “Even though Commandery Prince Xie is not willing to use the philtre fragrance, the matter of Prince Hao and Commandery Princess Xie’s engagement has already been spread. For the sake of achieving his goals, Su Xi-er must die. To that end, I’m confident that Commandery Prince Xie has already thought of a different plan to eliminate her.”


Pei Yaran’s eyes lit up, knowing how ruthless and efficient Xie Yun was when he decided to move. The only person in Beimin who can put up a fight with Pei Qianhao is Xie Yun.


“Empress Dowager, you just need to patiently wait. When the time comes, find a way to get Prince Hao to enter your room. No matter how strong someone is, they won’t be able to escape.” Shi Mo reassured in a calm voice.


Pei Yaran was convinced, but became afraid immediately after. “What if he can resist this fragrance and walk out?”


“He won’t. Once the fragrance enters the body, the person will lose all strength. If Prince Hao does walk out, I will intervene and send him back to your room.”


Pei Yaran’s gaze was shining, but she still felt a little apprehensive that Pei Qianhao might be able to escape and expose the matter. 


After all, I’m the Empress Dowager. If it gets out that the Empress Dowager and the Prince Regent did something like that, it will seriously tarnish Beimin’s reputation.

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