“They already did that yesterday. This Emperor was rather satisfied after checking on their progress, so things will be done according to what they proposed. The Minister of Rites is also helping them get ready, so this Emperor can rest assured.” The current Situ Lin behaved much more like an emperor when he spoke. It was as if Old Maidservant Liu’s death had awoken something within him, prompting him to rein himself in.


Suddenly, a guard from the Commandery Prince Residence came and stopped outside the entrance of the hall. Xie Yun noticed him and bowed towards Situ Lin before withdrawing.


Watching Xie Yun’s departing figure, Situ Lin twitched his mouth. Commandery Prince Xie has always been very gentle, and has never tried to control me. Why has he been frequently visiting the Dragon Heaven Palace these days?


Once Xie Yun walked out of the doors, the guard immediately reported, “The rumour of Prince Hao and the Commandery Princess’ engagement has already been spread. With Prince Hao still dealing with the matters of the army, he is unaware of this.”


“Did you spread it among the commoners?”


“Replying to the Commandery Prince, the commoners in the capital have already heard of the engagement, and they are extremely delighted. They’re all saying that only a woman of a noble bloodline can match Prince Hao.”


Xie Yun parted his thin lips. “Well done. How’s it going with the Third Imperial Prince?”


“The Third Imperial Prince has been frequently going to Consort Dowager Guo's repose palace. Apart from that, there hasn’t been anything out of the norm.”


“Mmm, wait outside the palace gates with the horse carriage. This Prince will be returning to the Commandery Prince Residence in an hour.” Xie Yun then left, leaving the guard to follow his instructions.




All the Imperial Army guards bowed when they saw Xie Yun in the Compassionate Peace Palace. “This subordinate pays his respects to Commandery Prince Xie.”


Xie Yun waved his hand. “This Prince hasn’t seen the Empress Dowager for a long time. With the palace banquet right around the corner, this Prince has come to visit her today.”


With his status as the Commandery Prince, the Imperial Army guards allowed him to enter.


In the main hall of the Compassionate Peace Palace, Pei Yaran’s brows were knitted as she held an already cold cup of tea in her hands. Only when she saw Xie Yun enter did she place the cup down.


“It’s the palace banquet tomorrow. Why are you still feeling troubled, Empress Dowager?”


Pei Yaran understood his intentions for coming to look for her in the Compassionate Peace Palace. After dismissing the palace maids in the hall, she went straight to the point. “Did you come here today to make a deal with this Empress Dowager?”


“Deal?” Xie Yun raised his tone, then took out a small bottle from his sleeve.


Pei Yaran was flabbergasted when she saw that small bottle. It's the bottle of philtre fragrance I gave Shi Mo the other day! He didn’t give it to the Third Imperial Prince, but Commandery Prince Xie.


“This thing mysteriously appeared in the main hall of the Commandery Prince Residence. Empress Dowager, this Prince sees that you have hidden some capable people. This Prince didn’t even know that someone had snuck into the Commandery Prince Residence.” Xie Yun remarked as he began rubbing the bottle in his hand.


Pei Yaran’s expression returned to normal and she softly chuckled. “Since you already know the contents of the bottle, don’t make a fuss about someone sneaking in. Are you willing to make a deal with me?”


“Empress Dowager, what do you want to do? Do you plan to use the philtre fragrance on Su Xi-er and have this Prince take away her virginity?” Xie Yun was full of smiles, but his thoughts were unfathomable.


Pei Yaran couldn’t discern what he was thinking, but she still decided to avoid going in circles. “Su Xi-er is a beauty. Do you not like her? This Empress Dowager heard that in order to meet her alone in the Palace Side Quarters, you even brought fruits to distract the other palace maids.”


“What does it matter to you if I like her or not?”


“What do you mean? If we don’t get rid of Su Xi-er, she may very well become Princess Consort Hao. Don’t you want to make the Pei and Xie families’ marriage alliance happen? Don’t tell me you’re going to let your younger sister become the secondary consort?”


Xie Yun kept his smile and walked closer step by step. He placed the small bottle in his hand on the table beside Pei Yaran. “This Prince has plenty of ways to deal with people. It’s just that this Prince doesn’t deign to resort to means as despicable as philtre fragrance.”

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