It was said that Prince Hao and Commandery Princess Xie were already engaged, and that the Pei and Xie families were now having hopes of patching their relationship up. On top of Lord Pei and Commandery Prince Xie looking forward to the marriage, Prince Hao wasn’t objecting either.


Many people began engaging in fervent discussions.


“Commandery Princess Xie is one of Beimin’s three great beauties, and she’s also of a noble bloodline. She and Prince Hao are a match made in heaven!”


“Exactly, one of them is as beautiful as an immortal fairy, while the other is dashingly handsome. They’re really an immortal couple!”


“Commandery Princess Xie is 18 this year, and the number of times she has left the residence can be counted on one hand. Because of this, she wouldn’t have seen any other men apart from Commandery Prince Xie and the guards in her courtyard. Such a lofty and unsullied woman is fit to become Princess Consort Hao!”


All of the maidservants in the palace had stopped working in favour of discussing such rumours as well.


With the Winter Solstice palace banquet taking place tomorrow, many palace maids had been dispatched to sweep the various palace paths, while others were sent to move the flowers in place. As the banquet was to take place in the Imperial Garden’s largest courtyard, all of the withered flowers there had to be replaced. By the time they were finished, it was like spring had arrived!


Su Xi-er, Tan Ge, and Chao Mu had also been sent to sweep the palace paths in the Imperial Garden when they heard what the palace maids were discussing.


Chao Mu glanced at Su Xi-er in concern, but saw that she looked unperturbed.


When the palace maids noticed Su Xi-er, they lowered their volume.


Because Pei Qianhao had previously walked on the palace path while holding hands with Su Xi-er, many palace maids now recognised her. Now that Prince Hao and Commandery Princess Xie are engaged, he surely won’t want her anymore.


Disdain appeared in their eyes after realising this. Some were even courageous enough to deride her. “I really thought that she climbed up and got with Prince Hao. To think that a person of a lowly bloodline is dreaming of becoming Princess Consort Hao.”


Su Xi-er simply swept her gaze across them before returning to sweeping, not bothering to acknowledge their taunts.


“There are countless people who dream of climbing up the ladder and suddenly becoming a phoenix, but can’t recognise that they’re only a sparrow. In some cases, they’re even lower than that.”


Chao Mu could no longer continue listening and furiously tossed her broom onto the ground. “Court Lady Su holds a rank. Regardless of how lowly she is, she’s still nobler than you palace maids! All of you better shut your mouths. Otherwise, don’t blame me for not being polite!”


These words sounded very vulgar to the palace maids, so some of the bolder ones lashed out in return. “Didn’t the trainer old maidservants teach you properly? You speak like a shrew in the market. I can’t believe you’re even from the Imperial Library. You’re simply a disgrace to Grand Tutor Kong!”


Chao Mu was enraged to the point her face flushed red. Just as she was about to dash over and slap that palace maid, Su Xi-er’s slender hand held her back.


The originally rough hand had become smoother after repeated application of Lingrui flower powder.


Chao Mu watched Su Xi-er walked forward in an elegant and composed manner, not showing any displeasure in response to the insults hurled by the palace maids.


However, when she stopped in front of the palace maid who had just spoken, an indescribable chill ran down their spines.


Only the palace maids who had seen Pei Qianhao could truly describe Su Xi-er’s imposing aura. Her current self was extremely similar to his usual demeanour, like the gale from a frozen tundra that dug into one’s very bones.


The palace maid who was the loudest just now instinctively lowered her head, not daring to look at Su Xi-er.


A soft but forceful voice of a woman streamed into everyone’s ears. “Pay attention to your words and actions. The trainer old maidservants didn’t teach you properly? How does a mere maidservant find the courage to advise Grand Tutor Kong, a leader of Beimin’s literary world, how to manage the palace maids in the Imperial Library?”


Her cold and heavy words caused the palace maid to shiver in fear, causing her to keep her head tucked between her shoulders.

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