When she heard that, Su Xi-er understood what Pei Qianhao wanted to secretly discuss with Grand Tutor Kong. Grand Tutor Kong has no children, while I lack a presentable status. Does he plan on asking Grand Tutor Kong to accept me as his goddaughter?


“Sigh, I don’t know where Grand Tutor Kong sent Shu Xian. I couldn’t find him even after searching around the entire Imperial Library. Could he have been sent away?” Chao Mu tilted her head, confusion in her eyes.


Without Shu Xian, I lose someone to bicker with. These few days have been a little boring.


Su Xi-er patted Chao Mu’s shoulder. “He’ll definitely come back today. Don’t be anxious.” She started tidying up the desk, while Chao Mu joined in after a few moments.


Not long after, when the two left the Calligraphy Pavilion, they saw Grand Tutor Kong walking over. 


Grand Tutor Kong gave Su Xi-er a meaningful look, and proceeded to ask her for her birth information[1]


Su Xi-er truthfully replied, “This servant doesn’t know my birth information. Why don’t I make a trip to the Imperial Household Department to check the records?”


“Stay here, I’ll go and check.” Grand Tutor Kong waved his hand and left the Imperial Library.


Chao Mu found it very strange. “Why did Grand Tutor Kong ask you for your birth information? Even the Imperial Household Department's Registry wouldn’t record it in such detail!”


Su Xi-er knew the reason, but didn’t answer Chao Mu. “Let’s go and tidy up the book depositories. Apart from Shu Xian, Xiao Yuanzi also seems to be missing.”


“Exactly, it’s especially quiet today. It’s so boring!” Chao Mu flicked her hair and followed Su Xi-er.


Just as they were about to enter the book depository, they saw Xiao Yuanzi returning from outside the Imperial Library.


Chao Mu immediately asked, “Where did you go? Where is Shu Xian?”


“It’s almost winter, and since there isn’t much work in the Imperial Library, I’ve been temporarily transferred to the Imperial Household Department to help with some manual labour. I will come back to sleep in the Imperial Library at night. As for Shu Xian, he seems to have been transferred to the Imperial Academy.” Xiao Yuanzi gave an honest reply.


Chao Mu became heavy-hearted. Shu Xian isn’t 18 yet. Why was he transferred to the Imperial Academy? Once he’s transferred there, he will never return to the Imperial Library. He left without saying goodbye, and I’ll never see him again!


He’s too unloyal! He didn’t even say a word before he left! Chao Mu was extremely furious.


Seeing her expression, Su Xi-er tried to comfort her. “A scholar boy assistant who has yet to reach the age of 18 can’t be transferred to the Imperial Academy. They were probably lacking in manpower and got him to help. Since Beimin values literature more now, it’s normal for the Imperial Academy to lack manpower.”


Chao Mu’s expression improved a little. “He’s in for a beating when he comes back! We have been good brothers for so many years... If he dares to leave once and for all, I’ll…” She managed to restrain herself from mentioning that she would cut off his family jewels.


Afterwards, Chao Mu followed Su Xi-er into the book depositories to clean up, while Xiao Yuanzi went to his own room to pack before going to the Imperial Household Department. 


Only once night fell did Xiao Yuanzi return. Tan Ge also came back with him, but Shu Xian was still nowhere to be seen.


When Chao Mu saw Tan Ge, she immediately ran over. “Tan Ge, you settled your mum’s funeral so quickly?”


A funeral takes at least seven days, but Tan Ge has returned in less than three.


Tan Ge’s expression was indifferent as she nodded. “Mmm, it has been settled. I’m currently a palace maid that is recorded in the registry, so I can’t leave the palace for too long.” She then saw Su Xi-er walking over.


The milky white moonlight was like halos of light illuminating Su Xi-er.


Tan Ge greeted, “Su Xi-er.”


No one knew how complicated her feelings were as she uttered that name, her fists clenched tightly together under her sleeves.


Su Xi-er stopped before her. “Tan Ge, have you managed to think everything through before coming back?”

1. To simplify things, you can understand it as the date and time of her birth, but it is more complicated than that. It’s often used in fortune-telling.

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